Ariglad let's you focus on HR strategy

Ariglad was born after its Founder saw what can go wrong in a company that doesn't have data-driven HR insights

We started with one single goal: Empower HR and employees

Ariglad comes from the Danish word 'arbejdsglade' which means 'happy at work'.  After
the name was chosen, our Turkish CTO & Co-Founder let the team know that 'Ari' in
Turkish means 'bee'. So Ariglad literally means bee glad!

Bees are one of the most underrated, badass & hardworking parts of nature. Without
bees, the entire ecosystem falls apart. In other words, bees are kind of like HR.

We believe that it's high time HR gets its own space to manage tickets and data so
HR can focus on strategy that helps the whole hive... I mean workplace.

The start of Ariglad

Co-Founder Sophie Wyne's first job out of college was a bit of a disaster as far as workplace culture goes. In fact, about 30% of the company quit at the same time to protest mismanagement. As she moved on to work in the cybersecurity industry, Sophie worked with CIOs and IT Managers at Forbes 1000 companies to identify and mitigate risk. Thinking back to her first job she wondered - why wasn't there a tool like this for HR?

After (accidentally) starting Ariglad at the beginning of COVID, she met her Co-Founder Ali Avci at the Techstars first online hackathon where their team won 2nd place in Canada. Ali's technical background in HR ticket management and employee wellness apps made him the perfect fit.

This story made the foundation of what Ariglad is today. We take our values and mission seriously to make workforces happier and more data-driven.

The six core work values that drive everything we do


Just like HR is the internal team staff can always rely on, we strive to be that support system for HR teams.


HR is trusted with highly sensitive data so Ariglad takes every step to keep our platform 100% secure.


We're not in the business of giving
customers an OK tool. Our focus
lies in giving incredible experiences.


Beyond creating the first HR-analytic dashboard of it's kind, we strive to continue thinking outside the box.


Sophie started Ariglad after her first team felt powerless at work. That's why Ariglad empowers all its users.


If there's one value that this team has a lot of, it's passion for helping make happier workplaces.