Why are we building HR software?

Pronounced similar to 'are you glad?'

attracting users

where it started

Co-Founders Ali Avci and Sophie Wyne met during a Techstars hackathon that focused on creating tech solutions for issues caused by COVID-19. Their team won 2nd place for their solution to address increased rates of domestic violence.

Ariglad picked up momentum early and secured numerous customers within the first month of launching. By iterating the tool based on their feedback, the tool was developed alongside HR and DEI teams.

time to take over the world

Our unique approach and dedication attracted more customers and advisors, all of which continued to hone the tool and specialize in the needs of HR teams today.

why employee reporting

Sophie's first job out of University had challenges with their culture, which resulted in her all-female team quitting. Although she's experienced many more supportive workplaces, she saw firsthand why identifying problems early is so important.

to mars and beyond

We're taking employee engagement and culture to the next level. Won't you join us?

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