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SLA Metrics uncovering your key HR team data

Stop trying to gauge what people are working on and instead see key information like ticket volume trends, performance distribution and NPS scores
“Ariglad focuses on a seamless user experience and it's reflected in the product.”
Nicole Hopkins, Webflow

Suddenly, you can quantify the human-based work your team is doing

It's hard to quantify the boots on the ground work HR does. From personalized Slack conversations with staff about leadership concerns, to vulnerable email threads about health benefit questions.

Ariglad tracks this communication and organizes it into tickets, allowing HR staff to get credit for all their work and leaders can see what their teams are working on.

Key Performance Metrics

View detailed summaries of what employees are talking about with HR and how your team is responding

Performance Metrics Per User

Drill down into how each of your HR staff members are performing and identify where additional support may be necessary

By offering your HR leaders updated key metrics, you'll never miss an opportunity to improve team performance

Focus on employee satisfaction
Capture and illustrate real-time data about incoming messages from employees
Communicate with your team
Stop guessing what your team is working on and spend that time identifying opportunities to improve performance
The world in your pocket
View metrics from your HR teams across the world, always staying in tune with the latest HR and employee needs
Always have the answers
When C-Suite asks questions about budget needs or team performance, have the most up-to-date metrics on hand

Ariglad is the stress-free way to scale HR teams.

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