Ariglad helped Permutive connect their NY and UK offices

With offices spread across the world, Permutive needed a way to streamline HR tickets and coordinate with team members

Permutive connect their NY and UK offices

Who is Permutive?

Permutive is the world's first realtime Data Management Platform, trusted by some of the world's largest publishers to target their audiences on desktop, mobile and FIA. Permutive enables you to collect, enrich and segment audience data across devices for real-time analysis and targeting.


Permutive had 3 challenges that they needed to solve with Ariglad:

  • Offering a way for employees to create People Ops tickets anonymously
  • A backend People Ops system that ensures they can coordinate to resolve all tickets quickly
  • Integrations with Slack, as employees prefer to stay in this system rather than log into a new app


A few unique aspects of Ariglad made it stand apart as the anonymous feedback tool that would help this company achieve their goals:

  • Assigning tasks within cases
  • Anonymity options for staff
  • Slack integration

What happened? Ticket management streamlined their data

As soon as Ariglad integrated with Permutive's Slack environment, employees were able to create tickets by simply clicking a button and typing in their message.  The People team also created tickets on behalf of employees, allowing them to streamline projects and coordinate with team members outside of their department.

"Ariglad is very user-friendly and easy to use, which was one of the key reasons we chose them." - Samantha Panetta, People & Culture Partner at Permutive

Organizing siloed data on Slack/Email

With Ariglad's ticket management, Permutive was able to easily resolve employee cases. When problems or projects arose, the People Ops teams in both New York and London were able to easily coordinate by tagging external team members (eg. legal or department heads) in Ariglad. This not only resulted in faster resolutions, but all the relating data is now saved in one place - as opposed to being scattered around email and Slack.

Alternate outcomes

When it comes to managing employee exits, onboarding and general personnel challenges - having everything organized and in one place is key. The Permutive team moved important data out of email/Slack and into Ariglad. Not only does this make completing tasks simpler now, but if a manager leaves in the future they won't lose all their experience and knowledge about going-ons about employee issues.

Why Ariglad was special in this case

Case management spurs collaboration

The Permutive team is able to open cases in Ariglad to manage personnel projects, while creating tasks that individuals are responsible for.

Ariglad reminds HR to complete tasks

If someone on the People Team is assigned to a task within a ticket, Ariglad will send them a reminder to complete it every 3 days. This helps tickets be resolved quickly with everyone working together.

Sophie Wyne

Co-founder & CEO

Sophie saw an opportunity to streamline HR data to help teams flourish. Her favorite part of working at Ariglad is how innovative the whole team is.