Webflow uses Ariglad to support new managers

Webflow's fast-growing team needed a way for new managers to gauge employee sentiment

Webflow uses Ariglad to support new managers

About Webflow

Webflow is based in San Francisco and provides software as a service for website building and hosting. Their online visual editor platform allows users to design, build, and launch websites.


As a quickly scaling startup, Webflow had the following challenges to help support its growing workforce:

  • Helping new managers gauge the sentiment of their teams throughout this transition
  • Allowing managers to check in with employees without needing HR's help to deploy anonymous surveys (causing an overload of data/analytics)
  • With surveys, team managers can't view the results of anonymous surveys to protect anonymity


The following tools helped Webflow achieve their goals:

  • Analytics to view employee sentiment
  • Assigning tasks within cases
  • Anonymity options for staff
  • Slack Integration

Using Nudges

Ariglad's Nudge feature allows managers to send a one-question pulse survey to a specific Slack channel, and employees can choose to answer anonymously. Once the manager receives a response, they can reply to the employee, even if the submission was anonymous.

Letting managers independently gauge team sentiment

When new managers begin to lead a team at Webflow, there is often a collaboration between them and HR to ensure a smooth transition. Some managers want to get recurring feedback from employees on how they're doing. Though this takes great initiative from the manager to ensure they're making good progress, the only option is to send a survey from HR. This isn't ideal for two reasons:

HR can't show managers the direct survey results

Webflow takes anonymous surveys very seriously and staff know that any feedback they submit won't be directly seen by their manager. That doesn't help in situations where new managers need feedback to improve.

Can't respond and have productive discussions

If an employee has constructive feedback for a manager, it's invaluable for the manager to be able to respond with questions to ensure they understand their point of view.

Ariglad resolved all these issues

By allowing managers to easily send one-question pulse surveys to their team Slack channels, the ability to offer real-time feedback stays casual and easy for employees. Managers can also do this independently, without having to ask HR for assistance whenever they want to gather data on team sentiment.

The end goal? Managers can gather the information they need to improve, employee opinions are heard, and HR can free up time to spend on their many other tasks!

Sophie Wyne

Co-founder & CEO

Sophie saw an opportunity to streamline HR data to help teams flourish. Her favorite part of working at Ariglad is how innovative the whole team is.