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Anonymous Feedback that boosts morale and prevents risk

Identify emerging problems before they escalate and improve performance with Ariglad's employee feedback tool.  

How Do You Track Employee Feedback?

Receiving consistent employee feedback helps leaders stay updated on what staff opinions, concerns, and expectations are. Giving employees a way to send anonymous feedback is critical to uncover emerging culture trends and prevent them from hurting your company’s reputation down the road. 

Direct Benefits of Using Employee Feedback Software

Gather feedback seamlessly and automatically send solutions. Employee feedback software can help you in many ways including:

Uncover key trends

Offering a secure way for employees to offer feedback helps uncover important trends and situations that may not be visible to leaders yet. This can help identify and mitigate potential legal or attrition risk.
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Prevent public negative reviews

Hiring excellent talent is becoming more and more competitive, meaning that it's never been more important to have a strong reputation as a great employer. Providing employees with an internal way to anonymously vent or raise concerns helps to prevent them from turning to external (and public) methods of airing problems.

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Enhance Productivity...

Having measurable data about anonymous employee concerns and questions will help you develop strategies to help enhance productivity and attrition.

...While Empowering Your Teams

Ariglad was built to automize trivial tasks so your teams can focus on more important things.

Having separate SLAs, dashboards showing key trends and ticket management for your ER and investigations teams will empower them to resolve escalations.
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Anonymous employee feedback is key for a modern workplace

Anonymity for DEI

Some marginalized employees have had negative past experiences with employers that prevent them from speaking up. By offering them a way to air their concerns anonymously, they can comfortably start a conversation while building trust with HR.

Investigations made easy

While HR has its own tools for gathering employee feedback, Ariglad can also be used as a way to capture serious whistleblower messages. Give your teams a way to securely manage these critical concerns in an efficient, collaborative way.

Customers love the ease of capturing important data.

"We use over 18 apps so seamless integration with our environment was key. Ariglad's integration achieved exactly that."
Shari Hughson
Director at Queens'
"Ariglad empowers employees ask questions, however they're most comfortable."
Holly Stone
Director of HR at Tentree

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