Slack ticketing

The Ariglad Slack integration streamlines employee communication, without disrupting existing habits. It's important that HR continues to hone the image of being accessible for employees, which is why mimicking the Slack DM experience can make staff feel more comfortable. Employees can create tickets, view them in Slack and even fill out/submit forms (eg. for disability or maternity leave).


After you have created and published a form in Ariglad, it will automatically populate for employees when they click 'Start a process' as shown below. One limitation Slack does have is the ability to add attachments to a form. Therefore, if a form requires an attachment the employee will be provided with a link to fill out the form on the Ariglad platform. As soon as a form is submitted by an employee, it will be created as a ticket and they will be able to view any updates within the 'View tickets in Slack' feature.

Email Ticketing

In the same way that employee habits to communicate with HR in Slack are maintained, the same goes for email correspondence as well. If you have integrated company emails in Ariglad (My Organization -> Ticket Settings -> Incoming Email -> Add email) then those emails will automatically turn into tickets and be assigned to the right Ariglad admins. As with Slack, there are certain limitations put in place by the third party email providers, such as the ability to choose a ticket type before sending an email, filling our forms, etc.