Forms allow users to start new processes in the Ariglad system. Form submissions can trigger a new set of processes or investigations.

Forms Management

The forms page is visible to all ticket agents. Ticket agents with forms management privilege are able to create new forms as well as edit their content and visibility settings.

Forms view with full privileges

Forms view as ticket agent with no forms management privileges

Forms Manager Privileges

Form Submission Experience

Form managers are able to make forms visible to members via the manage visibility settings. Once visibility is enabled, employees are able to view the form in the home page and ticket agents are able to copy and share these links.

Optionally, invitations to submit these forms can be sent via the ‘Send to’ section of the visibility settings.

Form visibility settings

Employee experience

Once enabled, the form link can be used by employees. Ariglad agents can send a link to a form directly from the form view in Ariglad, which will trigger an email to the selected employee(s). They will be able to access the form in a window separate to Ariglad.

If a user isn’t authenticated, they are shown a sign-in button that automatically routes them to the SSO provider’s login page and back to the form without bringing the user to the dashboard page.

One click authentication with SSO

Employee form view

Once a user submits a form, they get a success message telling them they’ve successfully submitted their form.

Success message after submitting form

Email Notifications For Form Submissions

Form submissions automatically create tickets. Once these tickets are assigned to the ticket assignees and task assignees, they each get an email notification. Unlike other ticket creation methods, only the automatically assigned ticket and task agents get notified about form submissions.