Employee Experience

As usual, employees can send an email to an address provided by the organization. Ariglad let's you customize whether certain email aliases will respond with an auto-response, and if so, what that response should include.

Screenshot: Email to the benefits team

Screenshot: Automatic response from benefits team

Ticket Agent Experience

The ticket agents will see the details of the incoming inquiry, all the attachments in the email and will be able to respond and loop people in.

Screenshot: List of who was looped in up to which chat

Screenshot: Ability to enter email addresses to loop people in to an email thread

Screenshot: Chat with hyperlinks and CCing two emails

Screenshot: Response by ticket agent

Email thread CC behaviour

If an email alias associated with Ariglad is CC’d on a long email chain, the auto-response with go to the person who originally created the email chain. This is to reduce noise and eliminate confusion for anyone else on the email chain.