Shift Management

Shift management makes it easier to automatically assign tickets submitted during each shift time to the appropriate personnel. Shifts can be manually added in Add New Shift or bulk shift data can be uploaded in Import via CSV.

Shift configuration can be found under My Organization > Shift Management > Shifts

Assigning and viewing shifts

Shifts assigned to personnel will result in tickets submitted during that shift to be automatically assigned to them.

Shift assignment can be found under My Organization > Shift Management > Assign Shifts

Shift Calendar

The shift calendar gives a quick overview of assigned shifts, and personnel that are available or away. To view the personnel in a weekly shift, go to the righthand pane and toggle to the week view or the month view to see the personnel shift schedule for the month. Select a day in the calendar to view the day's shift schedule. Additional filters to view the calendar are location, and shift; in the righthand pane. The shift calendar can show the schedule for a specific location, or the personnel working specific shifts.

Shift Calendar can be found under My Organization > Shift Management > Shift Calendar