Task Management

Automatic tasks can be configured for ticket types to automatically create and assign approvals and tasks to ticket agents when new tickets are created. Each form submission automatically creates a ticket. Configuring a form to a ticket type allows approvals to be requested for each submission.

Automatically created approval for ticket type

Viewing and Completing Tasks

The 'My Tasks and Approvals' page allows for a more in-depth overview of all the pending tasks a person is responsible for.

View showing pending tasks for ticket agent

Notifying Task Assignee

Whether or not the assignee of an automatically created task receives a notification depends on the settings in the default task. A checkbox called ‘Send notifications for this task in bulk only’ allows the notifications to be restricted to be sent on a weekly basis. This is suitable for tasks that should be completed in bulk. For all other tasks, a notification is sent to the task assignee once the task is created.

Email received by task assignee