Ticket Settings


By specifying who is in each team, you can ensure that everyone is only viewing tickets that are relevant for their team. For example, the payroll team might have automatic access to only payroll-related tickets. In the team settings you can add the right people to that team and indicate the ticket type they should have access to. On the other hand, your legal team might not need access to any tickets automatically, but it's handy to have their team created so when an ER ticket requires legal help it's easy to tag them in that specific ticket. You can tag whole teams or individuals in a ticket.

Ticket Type

This setting is truly one of the core foundations of Ariglad as it helps make sure that tickets are going to the right team, that employees understand what they are able to submit through Ariglad, and it get's employees to the right resource. Check out in the video below how to modify a ticket type.