Getting Started

Everything you need to start using Ariglad

My Organization

Adding Basic Details

Add your organization's basic information here; the administrator information is from the workplace administrator.

Basic Details can be found under My Organization > Setup > Basic Details

Adding company locations

Company locations are each of your organization's office locations. This helps automatically assign tickets to managers based on the location the ticket was submitted from. It also helps show relevant resources in the knowledge base to employees depending on their office location.

Company locations can be found under My Organization > Setup > Locations

User Access Control

Configure the access that organization members receive. An HR admin may have access to all tickets, and be able to assign tickets to others. The highest access level is ... By default, the access levels provided in Ariglad are:

The default options can be edited under the Actions tab upon clicking the edit icon; options can also be deleted.

User Access Control can be found under My Organization > Setup > User Access Control

Managing Users

Upload organization employees under the Manage Users tab. Their email is used to verify they are a member of this organization when they sign into Ariglad. Their location and role is used to suggest and show relevant resources to them in the knowledge base. Employees can be bulk uploaded via CSV file; an Excel template is provided upon clicking Import via CSV. Individual employees can be manually added upon clicking Add User.

Basic Details can be found under My Organization > Setup > Manage Users

Shift Management

Shift management makes it easier to automatically assign tickets submitted during each shift time to the appropriate personnel. Shifts can be manually added in Add New Shift or bulk shift data can be uploaded in Import via CSV.

Shift configuration can be found under My Organization > Shift Management > Shifts

Assigning and viewing shifts

Shifts assigned to personnel will result in tickets submitted during that shift to be automatically assigned to them.

Shift assignment can be found under My Organization > Shift Management > Assign Shifts

Shift Calendar

The shift calendar gives a quick overview of assigned shifts, and personnel that are available or away. To view the personnel in a weekly shift, go to the righthand pane and toggle to the week view or the month view to see the personnel shift schedule for the month. Select a day in the calendar to view the day's shift schedule. Additional filters to view the calendar are location, and shift; in the righthand pane. The shift calendar can show the schedule for a specific location, or the personnel working specific shifts.

Shift Calendar can be found under My Organization > Shift Management > Shift Calendar