My Organization

'My Organization' is where all settings are located in the Ariglad platform. You need to have a certain level of access in order to access My Organization, as well as the ability to modify specific settings such as Access Levels. If you don't see some of the features outlined here, contact your Ariglad admin and request a higher level of access.


Access Levels

The access settings are what differentiate super admins are regular employees who shouldn't have access to settings at all. Although the Access Levels page has a list of default access types, you are able to completely customize their names and what they enable. Simply click the pen next to any access level you want to modify. If you want to add a new a role, simply click 'Add Role' at the top right.

Ticket Settings

Ticket Type

This is where many key settings are kept, let's start off with Ticket Types. Ticket Types are essentially the foundation that all processes and automations are built off of in Ariglad. Let's take a Ticket Type like 'Benefits' as an example, under the Benefits umbrella, you may have a long list of additional sub-ticket types such as dental, disability, maternity etc. You can add sub-ticket types by clicking the pen icon next to the type you want to edit and add it at the bottom of the settings page. You can automatically filter tickets into these ticket types by adding specific keywords that Ariglad will use to categorize incoming messages. You can also set an automatic assignee to a ticket type or sub-type.

Team Settings

What you can see in your Ariglad dashboard is related to which team you are in. For example, someone in the Legal team might not be able to see any HR ticket information and vice versa. If you want to add/remove team members or create a new team, go to the 'Teams' tab and make the necessary modifications. Note; a person can be in two teams at the same time.

Automatic Tasks

You can create custom processes that will be automatically triggered once a ticket is created. For example, if an employee submits a staffing request form, this can trigger notifications to people who need to approve the request. These notifications can be sent out one after the other, to avoid them all going out at once. For C-Suite members who may have numerous approvals to complete a week, you can send a weekly link that will route them to a list of tasks/approvals to be completed.

All of these settings can be created in the 'Automatic Tasks' section of the settings page, as shown below: