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The Ticketing System Built
For HR

With customized SLA metrics, shift management and Slack integrations; your HR team will be empowered to scale without sacrificing data insight and human capital

Staff expectations are rising. Are you ready?

Employees expect a lot from HR, but it's easy to get caught up in the few loud issues that are brought to your team. We help you avoid this by strategically planning ahead.

Transparent data

Keep track of key HR team metrics and identify room for improvement

5x adoption rate

Because Ariglad integrates so easily into employee habits, it's used more.

Designed for HR

Ariglad was built for HR with input from HR leaders every step of the way.

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We’ve helped thousands of users scale seamlessly without sacrificing human capital

Scale your team without sacrificing human capital

Improves Internal Communication
HR service desks bridge the gap between your employees and the members of your HR team.

Employees can continue using Slack as their primary method of communicating with HR. Instead of a DM, employees create HR tickets on Slack with questions or concerns. Your internal HR team members then views all this communication in their Ariglad dashboard.
Shift Management Enhances Productivity
When employees know what they need to work on and when, productivity skyrockets. Ariglad shift management offers transparency for both HR leaders and team members to stay informed on expectations.

Each Ariglad ticket allows HR team members to create tasks for their colleagues, both internally and externally to their department.
Auto-Responses With Resources
As your global team grows, HR staff are confronted with more repetitive and basic questions (eg. where can I find info on dental benefits).

By integrating with your knowledge-base, Ariglad identifies key words in employee submissions and automatically sends relevant suggestions.

Elevate employee appreciation for what you offer

HR SLA Metrics

Keep a birds-eye-view of what your HR team is working on both from a team and individual level. Easily identify opportunities and help your team succeed.

User Forms (PTO, Disability Leave, etc.)

It can be difficult for employees to navigate complicated HRIS systems and find the correct forms for specific situations. With Ariglad, simply upload these forms once and employees can find them easily in our Slack app.

Compliance Ticketing

Every ticket has an audit-ready ticket history that tracks every message and action taken. Whether you're preparing for a deposition or are taking over a project from a colleague; full visibility is always accessible.

HR Ticketing helps employees feel more heard

Trace Overall Employee Sentiment
Ariglad helps you to observe the number and the nature of messages being submitted by your employees. You can see how their morale is being affected by emerging issues. The information provided by the HR help desk will enable you to help your employees more effectively.
Gather Real-Time Feedback
Collecting feedback from your employees is important. The feedback they provide can clue you in to the specific problems that are hampering their performance. You can also use their feedback to make improvements that will make a real difference.

Pull HR out of technical details
Bring them into strategic initiatives

Automize the basic employee questions to make way for what matters

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