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The HR Ticketing System to Simplify Your Service Desk

Ariglad is an HR ticketing system that empowers you with data-driven insights to grow your team. With customized SLA metrics, shift management, Slack integrations, and more, you get a complete HR help desk software to streamline your HR processes and enhance the employee experience.

Common Pain Points HR Teams Face

Wasted time on day-to-day issues instead of the bigger picture

Our recent research of countless HR teams globally found that up to 80% of HR time is spent on staff communication and repetitive tasks. What’s more, 86% of employees and executives cite ineffective communication as the main reason for workplace failures and poor productivity.

The HR department is constantly flooded with basic employee FAQs on things like dental benefit plans and PTO. This means important strategic initiatives such as hybrid work, DEI, serious ER investigations, etc. take the backseat because your People Ops team is distracted with day-to-day employee concerns.
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Too many tools, but still lacking efficiency

Most enterprise teams rely on various tools for internal communication, collaboration, project management, and other team-specific duties (such as design, development, marketing, etc.).

Meanwhile, the HR team is often handed ticketing software that was originally meant for a different department, such as the customer support team.

Also, as employees prefer to ping human resources on apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams, your HR team members will have to manually log incoming tickets into the third-party ticketing system—adding to the time spent on tackling everyday queries.

So with an abundance of tools, it is difficult for the HR department to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and maintain visibility across teams.

No way to track real-time data and trends

Without accurate and organized data on employee sentiment trends, team metrics, and SLAs, your HR managers will always be reactive instead of proactive in ensuring optimal employee satisfaction levels.

There’s no way of knowing how an employee’s morale is being impacted by emerging issues, or if the HR department is meeting its internal goals for fast response times, resolution times, etc.

With Ariglad, Spend More Time on What Matters

By adopting an HR ticketing system with integrated HR analytics, you have an all-in-one HR toolkit that’s made for your team’s desired use cases, such as:
  • Internal knowledge base and self-service portal
  • SLAs and team performance metrics
    Pulse surveys
  • Auto-responses to common staff questions
  • Anonymous reporting/ER investigations
Ariglad lets you keep all employee communication in one place and maintain a single source of truth for all things HR.

Empower your human resources to shift their focus from administrative tasks to meaningful long-term initiatives — hybrid work, DEI, employer branding, etc. — with Ariglad.
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Features that Work for You

Automate repetitive tasks and HR requests
Quickly assign incoming tickets to the right team member
Streamline collaboration across teams
Track critical metrics and SLAs for scaling purposes
Anonymous reporting for honest feedback

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Teams of all sizes choose Ariglad

HR managers at some of the biggest brands use Ariglad to improve their onboarding process, resource management, and employee engagement.

200-500 employees

500-1000 employees



  • Investigations
  • Finance & legal team
  • SLA metrics & forms
  • Anonymous reporting
  • ER analytics
  • Pulse surveys

1000-5000 employees

More than 5000 employees



  • Net promoter score
  • Shift management
  • Heat maps
  • Scaling all features across multiple regions and departments

Let Ariglad take the headache out of HR

No matter your company size and industry, Ariglad helps you centralize your HR processes and data to tie everything together in a single platform.

Capture anonymous employee feedback, track culture trends and your HR team’s performance metrics, minimize the time spent on addressing basic staff queries, streamline cross-team collaboration, and empower your People Ops to do more meaningful work—all with Ariglad.
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