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Slack Helpdesk & Ticketing System

Our data-driven HR helpdesk and ticketing system plays perfectly well with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Ariglad enables your HR team to be there for their colleagues in a way that’s simple, efficient, and preferable.

Key benefits of Ariglad’s Slack integration

Excellent employee support is just as important as excellent customer support and IT support. Take a look at the three key benefits of Ariglad’s Slack helpdesk and ticketing system.
No disruption in workflows waiting for assistance
Say an employee needs an important document from the HR team to complete an urgent task. An HR manager would have to manually scour for the document, which wastes their time and potentially adds hours to the resolution time for an urgent workflow. The extra time spent hunting for that document may even cause some undue stress to the employee.

Ariglad eliminates this by automatically sending the required resources to concerned employees, and providing real-time assistance for common staff queries.
Self-service HR assistance for the team members who need it
Ariglad integrates with your internal knowledge base and identifies keywords in employee tickets to automatically send relevant suggestions for instant self-service.

HR teams can set up auto-responses to employee FAQs, thus saving their time spent on repetitive communication and pivoting focus on strategic initiatives (hybrid work, DEI, etc.) that make a real difference.
Easier to track recurring issues to scale faster
Your HR service management can’t be improved without tracking key issues and concerns that keep popping up on an everyday basis.

Ariglad provides a centralized view of all staff tickets, issues, and comms along with important SLA metrics such as response and resolution times to help you scale your team in the right way.

How Ariglad’s Slack integration automates HR ticketing

See how Ariglad empowers HR teams with a Slack-based service desk that boosts company-wide productivity.
HR support is a Slack message away
Employees are acclimated to Slack—it’s the platform they prefer and know best. So, why not let employees create and manage tickets from the Slack workspace itself?

With Ariglad’s helpdesk software, employees can create HR tickets with Slack messages and get quick answers to their questions and concerns. When your HR team responds to an employee regarding their ticket, it shows up like a regular notification.
Automate ticket creation to solve day-to-day issues
HR teams constantly get new tickets with common, everyday issues such as questions about employee benefits. What’s more, it's not intuitive for employees to navigate complex HRIS systems to find that one form for a staffing request or sick leave.

Upload those forms into Ariglad so employees can conveniently fill them out right inside Slack, which then automatically creates a ticket for the HR team’s review. Automate repetitive tasks and communication to enable the HR team to focus on more important matters such as employee engagement and retention.
Staff questions auto-create compliant pathways for HR
During the initial onboarding, the HR department can set up default tasks that are auto-created for certain types of employee tickets. For example, if an employee creates a ticket saying she’s going on maternity leave, the right HR team member is immediately auto-assigned tasks they need to do.

Furthermore, every ticket has an audit-ready ticket history that shows every message and action taken. Whether you're preparing for a deposition or handing over a project to a new HR manager, full visibility and compliance is at the core of Ariglad’s ticketing system.
Auto-assign incoming tickets to the right team member
Automatically assign staff support tickets to the right HR team members, who can then easily create action items for their colleagues, both internal and external to their department.

Choose which tickets should be visible to which teams to ensure confidentiality.
Streamline collaboration across teams
Your HR workflows and data are likely scattered across various SaaS tools such as Slack/Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow, Basecamp, Jira, Zendesk, and what have you.

Ariglad serves as a single source of truth while facilitating HR collaboration with other teams such as finance and legal. Employees can stay in Slack for easy interactions with the HR team. HR managers can see all communication neatly organized in their Ariglad dashboard.
Track critical metrics and SLAs for scaling purposes
Ariglad’s Slack-based helpdesk software shows how well your HR team is doing in terms of providing timely and helpful responses, resources, and resolutions to employees.

Get detailed HR analytics to identify areas of improvement at individual and team levels.
Anonymous reporting and investigations are easy and trackable
Ariglad’s anonymous feedback tool empowers your employees to share their concerns candidly and helps your HR team establish a safe workplace where staff opinions are genuinely valued.

With Slack integration, Ariglad provides a platform for HR teams to capture day-to-day feedback and efficiently conduct ER investigations for critical concerns (such as a case of bullying).

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Teams of all sizes choose Ariglad

HR leaders at some of the biggest organizations use Ariglad to streamline their day-to-day HR activities with workflow automation while enabling employees to stay in Slack for all HR comms.

200-500 employees

500-1000 employees



  • Investigations
  • Finance & legal team
  • SLA metrics & forms
  • Anonymous reporting
  • ER analytics
  • Pulse surveys

1000-5000 employees

More than 5000 employees



  • Net promoter score
  • Shift management
  • Heat maps
  • Scaling all features across multiple regions and departments

Help your HR team better help your teams with Ariglad

Empower employees to create tickets for and engage with the HR department from their preferred mode of workspace communication. Organize and centralize all employee tickets, data, and comms for your HR team in a single platform.

Meet and exceed the growing employee expectations from your HR team, with Ariglad.
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