Microsoft Teams

Boost adoption by connecting with your Teams workspace

Microsoft Teams

Why connect Microsoft Teams?

One of the worst things that can happen when an organization brings a new tech solution on board is that employees don't use it. When our team spoke to a variety of employees, the overwhelming response was that they want to stay in the few platforms they already know and understand (eg. email and Microsoft Teams). This phenomenon became even stronger after employees started working from home more, as they suddenly have even more applications at their disposal to help with engagement and productivity. 

Adoption is up to 5x higher with Ariglad

Employees never have to log into the Ariglad platform if they don't want to. They can submit tickets, view HR responses and reply to them all within Microsoft Teams. This has made Ariglad very successful in engaging employees and ensuring HR get the most amount of important data from their workforce. 

How to connect your Ariglad account with Microsoft Teams

Once you log into your Ariglad platform, go to 'My Organization' and click ' Connect to Microsoft Teams'. Choose the workspace you want to connect with and click 'Connect'. You're all set! As soon as you connect, all employees in your workspace will automatically see the Ariglad app in their app section. 

How employees connect

Although employees can send tickets in Microsoft Teams right away, if they want to be able to manage tickets in their Microsoft Teams experience they will need to click 'Connect to Ariglad' which can be found in the messaging part of the app. All employees will be nudged to connect whenever they submit a ticket.


If you have any further questions, send an email to or send a message in the messaging app on our website.