How Ariglad is providing immense value to Webflow's people teams and how efficient the Slack integration is.

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The Challenge

Webflow was facing a challenge with managing team members' anonymous feedback and concerns. Their HR team was using a manual system, which resulted in team members being left in the dark about what happened to their submissions. On top of that, the process was not as seamless as it could be, which caused frustration among team members.

The Solution

By integrating Ariglad into their workflow, Webflow was able to automate and streamline their anonymous feedback and concern management process. Ariglad has allowed team members to easily submit their feedback and concerns, and the people team could manage those tickets directly in Slack, their primary communication tool. As a result, the adoption of Ariglad by team members exceeded expectations, and the overall user experience was greatly improved.


“Ariglad has provided immense value to our team members and people business partners. No longer do team members who submit anonymous feedback or concerns have to wonder what happened with their submission. Whenever we get a new Ariglad ticket, the people team can stay in Slack to communicate with the team members and easily manage those tickets. Team member adoption has also exceeded our expectations. Our team communicates primarily on Slack, and so the fact that they can create a ticket just as easily as sending a DM was a huge win. The Ariglad team focuses on seamless user experience, and it's reflected in the product. Thanks, Ariglad.”

Nicole Hopkins

Vice President of People

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