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People Analytics that uncovers trends and wows leaders

Build smart HR systems and improve employee morale with our easily integrated software - yes, even with Slack

“Ariglad is my go-to HR partner.”

– Trish Kennelly, On deck

HR Dedicated - Front and Center

Almost every other department has its own dedicated software - and it's about time workforce analytics made its way to the front page.

De-escalate issues

Track how employees are actually feeling, in real time, so you can see issues before they escalate into expensive problems.

Impressive metrics

People metrics mean nothing if they're scattered, unclear, or unrecorded. Spend less time reacting and more time being proactive - with Ariglad, your HR analytics tools are empowering and bring value.

Identify, Predict, and Address

Ariglad identifies when employees are feeling burned out, anxious, or simply dissatisfied. We use people data to enhance foresight instead of relying on hindsight. Artificial intelligence is key for HR to address problems before they get out of hand.


Ariglad is a platform for anonymous employee insights which provides people metrics otherwise missed via other platforms.


Easily integrate Ariglad with company communication and current HR systems. Ariglad SSO ensures that our software molds into your company, not the other way around.

Why HR Data Analytics Matters

Intelligent HR is the new HR, and the right kind of HR. Recruiting analytics is some of the most important data that can be gathered and utilized to make smarter decisions that save company time and resources.

HR insights, like absenteeism, are easily measured KPIs - but there are more important people analytics that are not simply a matter of course.

Data driven HR analytics add value to an organization to find what truly creates employee satisfaction that ultimately leads to higher performance rates.

HR is still centralized around people, but in a way that’s more intelligent and serves a higher purpose. Maximizing business outcomes is the ultimate goal of HR insights.

The employee experience is valuable and HR makes use of such analytics to make informed decisions on hiring, how to manage and improve employee performance - all in the name of creating an enriching environment that breeds positivity and organization success.

Feature Overview

Maximize your HR initiatives' potential via people data collection and optimization

Communication, organized

Let's face it, employee insights come from multiple avenues - so many in fact, that it's almost impossible to keep track of it all. That's why at Ariglad, we made it a point to make integration easy. We don't want you to have to adapt to our software, we'll adapt to yours!


Integration for easier ticket management


Access forms from PTOs to onboarding
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Ariglad AI was built to handle mundane tasks so you can instead focus on improving employee satisfaction and performance.

Auto-Suggest Resources

Based on employees' ticket messages

Solution Oriented

Empower employees to have a say in the solution
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Stop Public Complaints

It can be frustrating seeing anonymous complaints when you realize you were given no chance to rectify the situation. Human capital analytics helps you avoid these situations, since you can be proactive, not reactive. Also, provide simple avenues for employees to anonymously reach out to HR to complain, instead of online!

Anonymous Chat on Slack

Avoid anonymous submissions to Glassdoor and others like it. Employees can submit complaints anonymously so you can lessen the external impact.
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Customers love the ease and simplicity of using Ariglad

"We use over 18 apps so seamless integration with our environment was key. Ariglad's integration achieved exactly that."
Shari Hughson
Director at Queens'
"Ariglad empowers employees ask questions, however they're most comfortable."
Holly Stone
Director of HR at Tentree

You and Ariglad

People analytics have never been more conveniently gathered and your team more empowered. Ariglad's mission is to provide smart systems so HR teams can earn a much deserved seat at the table.

What We're Known For

We're known for how easily teams adopt our platform due to our software's seamless integration ability. Ariglad gathers input from all ends of an organization, so HR teams have their own space to manage tickets and data.

The best peoples analytics software is one that's adopted by employees - with Ariglad, that number is 5x higher.


Employees don't have to log into the Ariglad platform. Our Slack integration allows your teams to submit tickets, view HR responses, and reply all within Slack.


This platform is a goldmine when it comes to people metrics - Integrating Workday with our people analytics software means even more insights for your HR team.

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