How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming HR

December 12, 2022
How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming HR

Artificial Intelligence Defined

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of science that teaches machines how to think like humans through data. It is an umbrella term that includes the theory and the development of hardware and software systems that facilitate that.

One of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks that every organization has to do is human resource management (HRM). It involves onboarding new team members smoothly, delivering a great employee experience at the workplace, implementing retention strategies, and a lot more.

HR professionals have to go through mountains of data during talent acquisition alone. On top of that, they have to ensure that every team member enjoys their time working there.

As things like work-life balance, employee engagement, and team culture are becoming more critical, artificial intelligence in HR offers an effective, affordable, and accurate solution for businesses of all sizes to deliver all of that.

In this article, we’ll look at six ways in which AI is transforming the way HR teams work.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming HR

The HR department has to deal with lots of data whether it is to scan the resumes of applicants or to give personalized training to new hires. Below are six crucial HR functions which are being enhanced by the adoption of AI.

Improved Employee Experience

Employee experience is how your employee perceives your company throughout their time there. It includes everything from how they perceive their work environment to how they carry out their responsibilities on a daily basis.


HR managers should aim to deliver a valuable employee experience for the following reasons:

  1. Improves employee productivity
  2. Maximizes retention period
  3. Results in a higher engagement at work

AI technology helps maximize the employee experience by collecting and analyzing relevant data such as hours spent at work, quality of work, anonymous peer reviews, etc., to help HR teams find areas of improvement.

For instance, if an employee has great peer reviews but their quality of work isn’t ideal, you can create a customized training program for them, which is a crucial HR function.

Data-driven Decision Making

HR leaders have to make a lot of difficult decisions on a frequent basis. Managing employee contracts, ensuring the workplace is inclusive, providing necessary training to new employees, and sourcing new talents are some of them.

Thankfully, each of those duties can be carried out effectively with the help of data. However, when managing a large team or company with lots of employees, it can get overwhelming.

Fortunately, machine learning algorithms can be trained with real-time data that will help human resources make data-backed decisions. For instance, you can analyze employee performance to determine contract extensions via automation.

Intelligent Automation of Low-value Tasks

HR professionals have to do the following often:

  1. Welcome new recruits and share with them the relevant documents during the onboarding process
  2. Reach out to employees on a monthly basis to get their feedback on the working conditions and team culture
  3. Periodically check to ensure that the personal data of everyone in the organization is secure

The above are three of the many HR functions that are simple yet expensive tasks in terms of time and effort needed, making them low-value.

Modern HR technologies have automated similar simple and tedious tasks with the help of AI systems, which not only saves a lot of resources but also minimizes error. The algorithms automatically collect the data in a timely fashion and collate it for the HR team to review.

Simplified Helpdesk Functionalities

An HR helpdesk allows employees to send their grievances, queries, and requests to human resources so that the latter can provide an answer or a solution. These systems are necessary to give the employees a voice and improve their overall experience.

You should look for the following functionalities while choosing a helpdesk solution:


However, ensuring your helpdesk system continues to work as intended can be quite challenging. Having a large enough team of HR professionals, creating a knowledge base to train them, and building them an adaptive workflow can be quite hectic.

Implementation of artificial intelligence in HR will not just help build an adaptive helpdesk for your employees but will also keep it running smoothly. For instance, an AI-powered chatbot can answer simple queries from employees and in turn, will save your HR team a lot of time.

You can train these chatbots with time as they continue to interact with your employees and gather data about employee preferences and work patterns.

Ariglad, a human resource software, provides a scalable helpdesk solution that fits into the budgets of HR teams of all sizes and makes support ticket management as easy as A-B-C. It syncs up with your knowledge base so that your HR managers will have all the data they need to help employees efficiently.


The recruitment process for a position begins when its availability is made public and completes when a new employee makes it through the probation period. Recruitment is a phase of talent management that often involves going through huge data sets to make a decision.

HR professionals can leverage machine learning to analyze the profiles of candidates as they receive them in real-time. This will make their initial selection process easier and they can immediately send confirmations to the selected candidates by setting up automation.

In the long run, you can leverage deep learning to train the AI solutions for predicting the likelihood of a candidate getting hired, which will simplify this process even further.


Onboarding refers to the set of steps a new employee goes through to learn about their responsibilities, work culture, and internal processes. This is a “getting to know” phase that ensures both you and your employees have the right expectations moving forward.

This HR function contains a lot of repetitive steps, and the HR professionals have to answer a lot of simple questions such as “what is the leave policy?”. Even though these tasks appear tedious, you must carry them out carefully since they affect employee retention and experience.

Here, artificial intelligence in HR solves this problem by automating this process through chatbots which will guide the employees through the onboarding process and answer all their questions instantly in real-time.

Integrate AI into Your HR Workflows with Ariglad

The HR department needs to ensure that every team member has a great experience regardless of their career paths while optimizing employee productivity, engagement, and retention. This involves going through large volumes of data and drawing meaningful insights, which can be difficult.

Fortunately, the application of artificial intelligence in HR is helping companies to carry out the above tasks with ease and accuracy.

Ariglad is an AI-powered tool for HR teams that enables them to deliver better service to their employees. Auto-resolving simple support tickets, collecting anonymous feedback regularly, and tracking employee sentiment through people analytics are some of the various values offered by Ariglad.

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