Ariglad makes for the most simplified HR workflows

December 12, 2022
Ariglad makes for the most simplified HR workflows

Help software are apps that help human resource (HR) and customer support teams deliver a great experience to your employees and customers. These tools solve their problems by enabling efficient ticket management, self-service through knowledge bases, chatbot-based automation, and more.

The above features not only improve customer satisfaction and employee experience but also reduce the number of support tickets and simplify your workflows. 

Two of the best customer support software are Freshdesk (by Freshworks) and Zendesk. Both apps come with many functionalities such as chatbots, knowledge base management, omnichannel messaging, easy escalation, etc., that reduce the workload of support agents and improve customer experience.

Freshdesk and Zendesk are also used as HR support tools for the above functionalities and values offered. Companies use them to create and share internal knowledge base articles, train new team members during onboarding, and provide staff support as needed.

But, are they enough?

Ariglad is an emerging HR help desk software that provides a lot more than that. With AI-based automation, people analytics, and intuitive reports, small businesses and large enterprises can virtually run their HR processes on autopilot.

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Now, let’s look at a Freshdesk vs. Zendesk comparison to find out which of these tools is better for HR teams to deliver a great employee experience and how they measure up against Ariglad.

Ariglad vs. Freshdesk vs. Zendesk

Although Freshdesk and Zendesk are great tools, they were designed for customer support. As a result, everything from their functionalities to integrations to paid plans has evolved accordingly. They can help HR teams as well, but they aren’t enough.

In the table below, you’ll find Ariglad vs. Freshdesk vs. Zendesk and how difficult it can get for your HR team to rely on tools that aren’t designed for them.

Ariglad Freshdesk Zendesk
Ability to triage tickets automatically to the right person ✔️
Built for sensitive data ✔️
Specialized for HR ✔️
Automate complex and cumbersome processes ✔️

Ability to triage tickets automatically to the right person

Whenever one of your employees faces an issue, they create a support ticket detailing their problem. The support ticket is examined by the HR support manager and is assigned to the relevant personnel for resolution.

This nature of the ticketing system can be tedious to handle if you are a big organization, particularly during the hiring season. Furthermore, your team members have to wait much longer as the service team works on a solution.

Freshdesk and Zendesk support solutions will require more hands on deck while dealing with high ticket volumes. Combined with their expensive pricing plans, it will cost you a lot of resources in terms of time, money, and effort to deliver a great employee experience.

Ariglad simplifies this entire workflow by automatically routing the ticket to an appropriate agent. For example, if your team member in the UK needs to know about maternity leave, their support ticket will be instantly assigned to an HR of that region specializing in that topic.

Built for sensitive data

The organizational data of most companies are now on the cloud. It makes knowledge base management convenient across the organization and employees can access those documents through various apps via integrations.

However, too many add-ons can create multiple access points to your data, which can pose security threats. Customer data hosted on tools such as Zendesk and Freshdesk are particularly more vulnerable as they are constantly accessed by multiple teams.

Ariglad protects the sensitive data of your organization and employees by making it accessible to the teams that actually need it. Also, as Ariglad is designed for HR teams specifically, no external teams can access your company’s private data.

Specialized for HR

The HR department is responsible for fostering a team culture where each member can do their best work. This requires tools that can collect relevant data and help them gauge employee satisfaction levels, all while providing actionable insights.

We mentioned a few times earlier how Freshdesk and Zendesk aren’t designed specifically for HR teams. They have many features, but a lot of them are incapable of helping HR teams to deliver the values to their team members.

For example, you can create custom automation to onboard new customers easily with Freshdesk and Zendesk by using templates. However, doing the same for onboarding new hires is a different story.

Ariglad was created for HR teams. For instance, it will automatically collect employee feedback periodically and share insights with you. Furthermore, it ensures that the feedback is honest by protecting the anonymity of your employees when they answer relevant questions.

Automate complex and cumbersome processes

Onboarding new hires, training new recruits, creating customized training programs, etc., are some of the important HR processes that require significant time and effort.


Tools such as Zendesk and Freshdesk don’t have any functionalities that can assist HR teams to run these processes, let alone automate them. With these help desk solutions, you will have to rely on manual efforts that are slow and prone to mistakes.

Ariglad completely automates such complex and cumbersome processes and updates the HR team when done. For example, staffing requests could take hours as it involves everyone and needs approval. Ariglad creates an automated workflow where the right people get Slack notifications at the right time.

Another time-consuming process that Ariglad helps you automate is monitoring employee sentiments. Employee sentiment shows how your team members feel about working at your company. Ariglad collects all the relevant data so that you can take steps to make them feel valued.

Successful HR teams choose Ariglad’s help desk software 

HR teams who aim to improve their hybrid workplace environments choose Ariglad to deliver a great employee experience. It helps automate various processes like answering common questions of new employees through chatbots in real-time and enabling self-service through internal knowledge bases.

Here is what our clients say about us:

“Ariglad is providing immense value to our team members and HRBPs. Whenever we get a new Ariglad ticket, the process of resolving tickets is seamless. Employee adoption exceeded expectations!” - Nicole Hopkins, VP of People of Webflow

The sky is the limit with Ariglad

Answering questions, resolving issues, protecting organizational data, and keeping employees happy are some responsibilities of your HR department. To fulfill those, they need the right tool with intuitive features and a user-friendly interface.

Freshdesk and Zendesk offer features that can be used to do some of the above tasks. The challenge with these SaaS solutions is that despite great functionalities and multiple integrations, they are customer support tools with limited HR-friendly features.

Ariglad is a simple all-in-one platform to manage your HR processes, unlike feature-loaded customer service software like Freshdesk and Zendesk. It helps you streamline processes like ticket management, collecting employee feedback, protecting organizational data, notifying relevant team members about staffing, team collaboration, email support, monitoring SLA metrics, automatically answering FAQs, and more.

A crucial point in this discussion of Ariglad vs. Freshdesk vs. Zendesk was affordable pricing plans, especially for growing business needs. Ariglad will allow you to transform your HR processes and take care of administrative tasks without breaking the bank, unlike its competitors.

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