Ariglad’s help desk software is the best Help Scout alternative

November 21, 2022
Ariglad’s help desk software is the best Help Scout alternative

Customer-facing teams at both small businesses and big enterprises love Help Scout — a customer support platform with a friendly pricing structure. It’s purpose-built to help support agents better manage customer conversations and customer queries, which means it’s not ideal if you’re looking to streamline your HR workflows.

Discover Ariglad, the best alternative to Help Scout with all the functionalities you need to centralize and automate your people ops.

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Ariglad vs. Help Scout

Customer support teams appreciate dedicated platforms like Help Scout, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Kayako, and LiveAgent that enable them to provide multi-channel support and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

These customer service software offer valuable functionalities to better support customers, such as shared inbox, CRM, chatbot and knowledge base for self-service, live chat support, etc.

Available on both iOS and Android as a mobile app, Help Scout also integrates with a variety of tools such as Salesforce, Shopify, Gmail, WhatsApp, and Zapier, making it easy to adopt for any organization.

That said, its limited features for internal people ops don’t make it the go-to help desk software for HR automation — an area where Ariglad stands out.

Ariglad Help Scout
Automated ticketing ✔️
Integration with Slack ✔️
Integration with Microsoft Teams ✔️
Automated approvals on staff requests ✔️
Anonymous feedback ✔️

Automated ticketing

While Help Scout’s workflows help you automate activities on the customer-front, it doesn’t enable your HR team to automate repetitive tasks and staff communication.

Built for growing HR teams, Ariglad lets employees create tickets for the HR team straight from Slack, their preferred communication app. It boosts your team’s productivity by automatically routing support tickets to the right HR team members, who can then create tasks for their colleagues, both internal and external to their department. This lets your HR team focus on bigger-picture initiatives (such as hybrid work, DEI, etc.) beyond day-to-day employee concerns.

Integration with Slack

Slack is the favorite communication app in over 600,000 modern workplaces. Employees are used to its intuitive interface and prefer to ping all colleagues, including HR teams, on the same.

Ariglad’s service desk seamlessly integrates with Slack, allowing employees to create and manage HR tickets from their Slack workspace. This helps HR maintain its image of accessibility, as employees can stay in Slack to chat with them about anything and everything.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Does your organization use Slack’s biggest rival instead? Unlike Help Scout, Ariglad plays perfectly well with Microsoft Teams, too.

Make communication with HR more personable and enable employees to create help desk tickets directly from MS Teams. From Microsoft Teams, Ariglad also integrates with your internal knowledge base and identifies keywords in staff tickets to automatically send self-service resources to concerned employees. HR managers can view all interactions in their Ariglad dashboard.

In fact, employee adoption is up to five times higher with Ariglad, thanks to its integrations with employee-preferred communication apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Automated approvals on staff requests

Your HR team is perpetually addressing routine requests such as questions about staffing and employee benefits.

Ariglad allows you to upload staff request forms so employees can conveniently fill and submit them right inside Slack, which then automatically creates a ticket for the HR team’s review. This helps automate the approval process for common, day-to-day staff requests.

Anonymous feedback

Capturing employee feedback regularly helps HR leaders stay up-to-date on employee morale and expectations. But how can you get your employees to openly share feedback, ideas, and concerns while making them feel safe and comfortable?

Ariglad allows your HR team to capture anonymous feedback and investigate critical support tickets (such as workplace bullying) efficiently. This lets you establish a safe work environment where employees can speak their minds while HR managers can develop strategies to minimize attrition based on anonymous feedback.

HR Teams trust Ariglad as their HR help desk

HR leaders at some of the biggest brands globally leverage Ariglad for HR automation, to monitor their team’s SLAs and real-time performance metrics, and to enhance the employee experience.

Choose Ariglad for efficient human resources

Help Scout is an excellent customer support tool that’ll help you improve your omnichannel customer experience. But it’s not built for improving the employee experience and people ops.

With features like anonymous reporting, internal knowledge base integration, auto-responses to staff queries, SLAs, pulse surveys, and more, Ariglad organizes your HR processes and data into a central platform for people ops.

Enable your HR managers to move away from tedious tasks and focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth, with Ariglad.

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