7 Knowledge Base Software You Should Know in 2022

October 13, 2022
7 Knowledge Base Software You Should Know in 2022

What is a knowledge base software?

Research shows that employees spend an average of 1.8 hours looking for information that helps them do their job effectively.

A lot of that could be saved if all of your company knowledge is neatly organized and easily accessible.

This is where knowledge base software comes in.

Knowledge base software is a tool that helps businesses create, host, and share information that equips their customers and employees to get instant answers to their questions or concerns through self-service

In simpler words, knowledge base software helps employees find the information they need (such as on things like PTO, benefits, etc.), on their own, quickly.

In this article, let’s understand the advantages you can look forward to with knowledge base software and seven great options to choose from.

Key Benefits of Knowledge Base Software

Every HR team and organization should have an integrated knowledge base for the following three reasons.

  1. Improved employee support

Frequently asked questions such as “what is the leave policy” and “can I work remotely” are basic but often answered slowly by HR as they’re usually flooded with a huge volume of employee tickets. A knowledge base tool makes it easy for the new team members to get answers to such common questions quickly. 

This will drastically improve the onboarding experience of the new employees while freeing up the HR team’s schedule to focus on making the workplace better.

2. Organized internal knowledge base

Every organization follows a unique philosophy, workflow, collaboration tools, and culture. More importantly, they all evolve with time as the organization gets closer to its vision. By creating the right knowledge base, it will become easier for the organization as a whole to evolve faster while simplifying knowledge sharing and management with the new team members.

3. Less time searching for information to simplify workflows

In the previous point, we mentioned how every organization is unique in terms of knowledge. This brings up another challenge: finding something specific. If all of that information is not easily accessible, new team members will take longer to get acclimated to the workflow and existing employees will find it difficult to update that knowledge.

A knowledge base software solves this challenge by categorizing all that information and enabling easy searching, which thus simplifies workflows thereby improving efficiency.

The above advantages help businesses in every industry optimize their workflows based on the needs of the hour, empower their teams to do their best work, and save resources at the same time.

7 Knowledge Base Software You Should Know in 2022

Your HR team needs an adaptive and robust solution to help your team members.

Here are seven such software with internal knowledge base features that’ll help you realize all the advantages discussed above.

1. Ariglad


Ariglad integrates with your internal knowledge base and enables employees to find answers and resources to their queries automatically.

For instance, if an employee asks an FAQ about their compensation, Ariglad automatically shares with them the relevant article from the internal knowledge base through its intuitive ticketing system, saving lots of time and effort.

This positions Ariglad as a must-have help desk tool for HR teams. With its self-service functionality, it empowers your HR team to focus on meaningful initiatives rather than answer tedious everyday concerns. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easier for new team members in businesses across all industries to find their groove.

2. HubSpot


A renowned CRM and marketing tool, HubSpot continues to help businesses deliver world-class customer support through one of the best knowledge base software. It helps you equip your customers with self-service by creating an intuitive right knowledge base with the help of templates.

This knowledge management software helps you and your team members track how your self-help articles improve the customer experience. You can boost your SEO efforts' impact while reducing the support team's workload. HubSpot’s knowledge management software also integrates with its CRM, making your entire workflow efficient.

3. Document360


Document360 is rated as one of the best knowledge base software and has revamped the way customer support teams work. This knowledge base platform equips HR teams to create help desk articles for employees to facilitate easy self-service.

Small business owners and enterprises can decrease the workload of HR support agents through this solution, especially during onboarding when the new team members have a lot of basic questions. You can build a private knowledge base with Document360 by permitting your team members to collaborate asynchronously on this platform.

4. Helpjuice


Helpjuice has been in the knowledge base industry since 2011 and equips companies to enhance both their customer support and employee assistance capabilities. You can easily create a self-service knowledge base system, thanks to its customizable templates.

Helpjuice is helping various businesses in a variety of industries preserve and share company knowledge via internal knowledge base content. It has multiple pricing plans available for businesses of different sizes.

With the help of various integrations, you can fit this knowledge management solution into your existing tech stack, improving team collaboration and reducing the work of your customer support team simultaneously.

5. Confluence


Confluence by Atlassian can help you deliver great employee and customer experience by creating internal and external knowledge bases. Confluence is relatively less known as compared to Atlassian Jira, a project management software.

Atlassian Confluence helps you create a help desk for your employees and customers through efficient content management powered by an accurate search engine. This will greatly decrease the number of support tickets your HR team will have to deal with. Furthermore, Confluence’s friendly pricing plans make it a great platform for hosting your knowledge base system as an SMB.

6. Zendesk


Zendesk provides a complete service solution that helps you help customers through a knowledge base system, community forums, help desk software, and chatbots. Any of those functionalities of Zendesk can also be used to create a help desk solution for your employees.

You can scale up your employee and customer support capabilities by integrating internal and external knowledge bases. Its AI-based automation capabilities can drastically reduce the tedious aspects of the workload of HR teams and customer support executives while improving both employee and customer experience.

7. Slite


Slite offers an easily scalable knowledge base software solution with friendly pricing and functionalities such as collaborative editing, document management, advanced analytics, and integrations to fit into your tech stack.

Your team can quickly get started and write knowledge base articles within minutes with the templates available. Furthermore, you can also create video tutorials for both external and internal use to help your HR team make the workspace better.

Choose Ariglad for the best knowledge base software

The primary responsibility of HR teams is to foster a workplace where everyone can work at their peak productivity levels. However, a lot of the time of HR teams is spent answering simple questions from new and existing employees, which takes a lot of their potential.

This is where knowledge base software comes in. These tools put all the company knowledge in one place making it easier for employees to find the answers they are looking for.

Of all of the knowledge base tools out there, Ariglad is the best solution to help HR teams by automating support tickets from employees for instant resolution through relevant self-service resources. Through various integrations, Ariglad can seamlessly fit into your tech stack, facilitating self-service for all.

Interested? Let’s talk and explore how Ariglad can help your HR team.

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