The Future of HR and How to Avoid Falling Behind

December 27, 2022
The Future of HR and How to Avoid Falling Behind

How HR has changed over time

Human resources (HR) is responsible for delivering a great employee experience by ensuring the workplace addresses their needs and equips them to do their best work.

With time, HR departments have evolved both in their responsibilities and their functions. For instance, now HR professionals are tasked with improving remote employee engagement and well-being and their processes are more data-driven than ever.

Put simply, the requirements of companies and expectations of employees across various domains are changing, particularly after the pandemic. And so, every HR function from talent acquisition to employee performance management is also adapting to meet these needs.

In this article, let’s look at what the future holds for HR departments in this fast-changing world.

The Future of HR: Key Factors to Consider

As we mentioned briefly earlier, HR leaders are expanding the breadth of responsibilities of human resources to make the workplace better. The responsibilities of HR teams include the following:


Each initiative is meant to enable employees to do their best work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Here are three key initiatives adopted by HR professionals and business leaders post-pandemic.

1. Employees desire workplace flexibility

80% of global business leaders plan to allow their employees to work remotely, at least part-time after the pandemic. Remote work became an instant hit during the pandemic which gave an opportunity to employers and employees alike to learn its advantages.

The hybrid model is the future of work where employees of an organization have the freedom to work either from the office or home. HR departments are investing in new technologies leading to the rapid digital transformation of their processes..

Ariglad is a modern HR helpdesk tool that integrates with team communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams equipping HR professionals to provide seamless support to their team members in any work setting, including remote and hybrid.

2. Emphasis on employee training and development

After onboarding, the human resources educate the new team members about company, the processes they will be a part of, how to do their job, etc. This allows the new recruits to perform their job well which improves the overall employee experience.

Ariglad leverages automation to train employees and help them upskill by connecting them to your internal knowledge base and fetching them relevant documents. This not only frees up the HR teams’ time but also allows the employees to learn things at their own comfortable pace.

3. Greater focus on employee well-being

More than three-quarters of employees feel burned out at least sometimes at work.


Burnouts happen due to continuous stress at work coupled with insufficient recovery time, which stems from an unsustainable work schedule. This affects your team’s mental health which decreases employee retention rates.

Ariglad redefines the future of HR through people analytics and informs you when your employees are overworked. It also lets you capture anonymous reports which help improve your HR processes based on honest employee feedback. This allows you to foster a company culture with sustainable workloads where your human capital is valued.

How HR teams can avoid falling behind

HR leaders should include the well-being of their employees as a business strategy rather than a “mandatory responsibility”. The future of human resources is about investing in people to improve the employee experience.

However, such changes are difficult to implement with the existing tools and processes that lack functionalities like people analytics and automated support. As a result, the contribution and role of HR teams remain limited.

Fortunately, you can remain ahead of the curve by following these three steps.

1. Adopt a modern helpdesk solution

Your HR helpdesk solution should be more than a ticket management tool. For instance, it should give you data, such as the common questions asked which can help you improve your processes altogether.

Ariglad uses artificial intelligence to deliver employee support with many advanced features. For instance, it will automatically send the knowledge base articles to the employees when they ask a question and connect with an HR professional specializing in their query.

Ariglad also helps HR leaders by presenting insights on customizable dashboards derived from real-time employee data through people analytics. This simplifies the decision-making process regarding employee well-being.

2. Make it easy for employees to leave honest feedback

Most companies ask their employees for feedback through emails, chats, and surveys. This data is used to understand more about the pain point and expectations of the employees to improve their experience at work.

However, these methods don’t collect the feedback anonymously which can lead to inaccurate answers from the employees. Any action based on inaccurate data is wrong and it can worsen the employee experience rather than improve it.

Another challenge after the pandemic is that a lot of the team members of various companies are distributed across different locations which makes the process of periodic feedback collection tedious and time-consuming.

Ariglad shapes the future of HR by automatically collecting feedback from your employees regularly while protecting their identity. This encourages your employees to share accurate feedback and suggestions to make various operational processes better. HR leaders can also gather employee questions before an all-hands meeting for efficient use of company time.

3. Track critical metrics for easier scaling

Scaling up requires building adaptive and versatile processes across various departments in your company. It involves collecting and analyzing metrics such as turnaround time, hours spent in correction, etc., that reflect the efficiency of a process.

Keeping an eye on these internal performance metrics requires multiple tools which have to be checked individually to monitor them. This is not only expensive but also time-consuming as a chunk of the day will be lost in switching between these apps.

Ariglad solves it by collecting relevant performance metrics and sharing data-driven insights via people analytics. Its reporting is integrated with its helpdesk and AI-based employee support solution which allows you to be on top of critical issues immediately.

Your HR team can automate these tedious and boring tasks and focus on finding innovative solutions to cater to your employees’ needs.

Ariglad is the future of HR

The functions and processes of HR departments across various industries are rapidly evolving, especially after the pandemic. Apart from regular tasks such as managing payroll and hiring new talent, HR teams have broadened the scope of their responsibilities to make the workplace better.

HR leaders across the globe are promoting initiatives that result in a flexible workplace, training employees as per their needs, and focusing on their mental health. Such steps not only improve employee satisfaction and engagement but also make companies profitable in the long run.

The challenge that current HR professionals and teams might face while implementing these changes in their organizations is the limited functionalities of their tools. Using traditional all-in-one helpdesk and ticketing systems that are largely focused on the customer side of things isn’t enough for HR teams.

Ariglad provides an AI-based dynamic tool for HR teams that allows them to:

  • Monitor performance metrics of processes, departments, and employees through people analytics giving you data-backed actionable insights to improve how you work.
  • Solve their employees' issues faster and more accurately through an automated ticketing system and connecting them with a relevant expert immediately.
  • Gather employee feedback anonymously thereby collecting honest reviews on how you can make the workplace better.

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