7 Best Zendesk Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022

October 11, 2022
7 Best Zendesk Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022

Choosing the Right Help Desk Solution

Whenever your employees need assistance with something, they expect help instantly and in their preferred medium. This is where help desk apps come in.

Help desk solutions resolve issues of prospects, customers, and also employees while ensuring that they get the value they are looking for. These tools help you connect with them through the appropriate channel and answer their questions to provide a proper resolution that improves their experience with your company.

Zendesk is one of the industry leaders when it comes to help desk solutions. Zendesk’s help desk solution has a market share of 14.04%. With it, you can build multiple knowledge bases, communities, forums, and chatbots while getting actionable insights from customer data.

It is like the Swiss knife of help desk apps. It is used by customer support teams, HR teams, IT teams, and more.

However, it may not be the best solution for you, especially if you’re looking to streamline your HR workflows. In this case, it’s better to have something simpler that will fit seamlessly into your tech stack while addressing all your People Ops requirements.

In this article, we will review seven help desk solutions that will help you deliver the best employee experience.

The 7 Best Zendesk Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022

Every company’s support team has unique requirements. It depends on many factors like your industry, the nature of support you want to provide, or whether it is for your internal purposes.

The list below has all the options you need to land on the perfect help desk tool for your business.

1. Ariglad


Ariglad is a help desk support tool that enables HR teams to improve the workplace by AI-based automation answering employees' queries. 80% of the HR team’s time is spent answering repetitive questions from employees during onboarding like “what is the leave policy?” and “are there any employee benefits?”.

These questions create many support tickets that consume lots of time and effort while keeping employees waiting. Ariglad connects with your internal knowledge base and fetches the answers to the FAQs immediately. 

Another pro of Ariglad, apart from friendly pricing, is that you can get anonymous feedback from each of your employees, which will get you more honest opinions to improve the workplace while protecting employee identities. The reports generated will let you know whether your employees are feeling stressed, burned out, or underappreciated.

Not only will your HR team members be relieved of a lot of work, but your teams will also feel more valued, which can lead to happier employees who stay longer.

2. Help Scout


Help Scout is a well-known customer support app with friendly pricing which you can build a knowledge base and customer portal, communicate with your customers directly through various channels like WhatsApp, messenger, and email, and provide faster customer communication through chatbot automation.

Help Scout integrates with multiple tools including CRM, analytics, and communication tools so adopting it is pretty easy as you won’t have to make major changes to your existing workflow. You can do all the above on the go with its mobile app available on both Android and iOS.

It is more focused on the customer experience, however, which can be limiting if you are looking to improve your HR workflows and better satisfy your employees.

3. Zoho Desk


Zoho Desk does everything from support ticket management to enabling self-service through knowledge bases and community. This tool has a market share of 32.40% and is used by over 130K companies.

It is a great Zendesk alternative for growing brands as its free plan allows you to create a private knowledge base and provide email support.

Another advantage is that Zoho Desk integrates seamlessly if you work with Zoho CRM. Your support team will be fully equipped to deliver world-class customer service with this cloud-based multi-channel customer support solution.

Zoho Desk takes care of things on the customer side, but can be a little less intuitive for internal use and assisting your employees with day-to-day matters.

4. HubSpot Service Hub


HubSpot has helped many startups and large enterprises deliver great customer experience through its CRM, marketing, and sales solutions. This solution from HubSpot will help you do the same by allowing you to resolve your customers’ queries.

You can create conditional workflows in the service hub in minutes with templates that will help your customers based on their behavior making your support team efficient. 

Other functionalities include a live chat solution, omnichannel messaging, integrations with other tools in your tech stack through APIs, and VoIP calls, making it a meaningful Zendesk competitor.

However, adopting HubSpot Service Hub can be challenging for teams who are not using other HubSpot products as they can’t get the most out of it. Furthermore, it can be a little complicated for addressing HR concerns internally.

5. Freshdesk


Freshdesk helps you improve customer satisfaction scores through AI-powered chatbots, omnichannel messaging, and fully customizable customer support workflows. Your support team can also improve their efficiency through functionalities like time-tracking, agent routing, shared inbox, and automatic ticket management.

Of course, the integration with other solutions of Freshdesk is seamless but it also fits nicely into your current workflow through APIs. However, it is loaded with functionalities that you might not use, especially if you are looking for a support tool for limited purposes. Fortunately, its affordable pricing plans make it a customer service software tool for growing teams.

Freshdesk’s primary focus is helping to improve customer satisfaction, but there is a more limited focus on serving employees internally, which does not greatly improve HR workflows.

6. ServiceNow


ServiceNow helps businesses improve both customer relationships and employee experience by tracking relevant metrics that enable executives to make data-backed decisions for improving customer engagement and retention. It unifies all sources of tickets so that HR and customer support agents have a clear picture.

Apart from getting queries, complaints, and feedback from all sources, it also equips your employees and customers to self-serve. This decreases the number of support tickets and the time taken to turn a frown upside down. ServiceNow integrates legal and IT with the support department and delivers support on every device.

7. Jira


Atlassian Jira’s service desk is used by product development teams worldwide. Its help desk and customer service platform unifies IT, customer support, and the DevOps team operations. Once a support ticket is created, it can be automatically sent to the developer for an accelerated resolution of the roadblock, which is useful especially if you’re a SaaS business.

Named as a leader by Forrester, Atlassian Jira Service Management solution closes the gap between two departments and makes the product management process truly agile. Its customizable dashboards reveal trends that help support teams develop better processes through analytics. This is available for both customers and internally for employees to address HR concerns. All data that is input on Jira is visible to all users, however, which can create privacy concerns for more sensitive topics.

See Why Businesses Choose Ariglad’s Help Desk as Their Zendesk Alternative

Help desk tools help businesses deliver great experiences to both customers and employees by answering their questions accurately and instantly, thus providing a swift solution to the problem at hand.

But brands that need these tools for limited purposes, like managing support tickets of employees and empowering the HR team, find it difficult to adopt all-in-one feature-rich tools like Zendesk.

This is where Ariglad comes in.

Ariglad is a help desk solution purposely built for HR teams to empower them to make internal workflows better. It automatically answers common questions from employees by sharing relevant support articles, faster resolution of support tickets through automation, and collects data on employee sentiment that helps HR teams improve their experience.

In other words, it helps businesses protect and support their most valuable resource: people.

Try Ariglad today and elevate how you work.

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