The team obsessed with employee engagement & culture 

Meet The Team

Sophie Wyne

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Co-Founder & CEO 

Superpower of choice: Flying so I never have to take the bus again

Ali Avci

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Co-Founder & CTO

Superpower of choice: Telekenesis so I don't have to get up to grab lunch

Zoey Li

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Senior Product Designer

Superpower of choice: Teleporting so I can keep up with my crazy schedule

Lindsay Kresch

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Business Development Lead

Superpower of choice: Mind reading so I can better empathize with people

Janice Chen

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Brand Strategist

Superpower of choice: Super speed so I can do everything I want to

Krishna-Priya Balakrishna

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Market Access Manager

Superpower of choice: Time travel, I want to visit cool eras in history

Advisory Board

Matt Burns

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Human Resources Expert

Stephanie Redivo

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DEI Expert

Carla Wood

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Executive Strategist Expert

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