Ali Avci

Co-founder & CTO

With a background in HR tech, Ali loves pioneering a new direction in this space. He loves working with the team to bring unique ideas to life.


Ali Avci

Since Ali joined Sophie at Ariglad, he's been the technical rockstar that's brought this ambitious vision to life. The rest of the team sometimes refer to his technical abilities as magic since some of his technical feats are so impressive. Gandalf of HR tech could be a future nickname.

Although Ali is Turkish, he spent much of his childhood in Saudi Arabia before moving to Ottowa, Canada for college. In his spare time he loves to play the violin and watch reruns of The Office.

Ali's favorite thing about working in HR tech is that he get's to witness how the technology he designed makes workforces run smoother and HR more effective. He's especially excited to continue building AI capabilities to give HR even more insight into their people.

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Ali Avci

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