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The top shift management for scaling global HR teams

Shift management designed for HR teams to ensure employee tickets are always being addressed while maximizing productivity
‚ÄúAriglad focuses on a seamless user experience and it's reflected in the product.‚ÄĚ
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Never wonder who is working on what

As teams scale, it can be hard as a leader to keep an updated birds-eye-view on what staff are working on and when. With Ariglad, you can assign shifts to employees and automatically see when employees are on leave or have local holidays.

Assign shifts and keep things simple

Assigning specific shifts to HR staff gives transparency for team members to know what they need to focus on and when. Having a centralized system with all your shifts organized allows team leaders to update it accordingly.

Don't miss a beat when the unexpected happens

Whether it's sick days, attrition or other unforeseeable events, having your shift management updated and accessible allows for your HR leadership to act fast.

Keep staff expectations centralized and transparent to keep things running smoothly

Automatically detects local holidays
Never get caught by surprise that HR staff can't work because of an unexpected stat holiday.
Create customized shifts
Every location and HR team will have different needs. Finalize shifts that reflect the local and global needs of your organization.
Visibility across the globe
View metrics from your HR teams across the world, always staying in tune with the latest HR and employee needs
Assign shifts indefinitely - or not
Depending on the shift and the employee, create assignments that are customized for the situation.

Ariglad is the stress-free way to scale HR teams.

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