Give your team AI super-powers for faster, better customer answers

The first AI tool that auto creates/updates your knowledge base by analyzing support tickets.

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Reduce noise so you can focus on complex tasks

Perfect for complex products

Ariglad AI pulls the right answers to uncommon or complex questions so your team is always ready for any problem

Achieving self-serve (finally)

By keeping your knowledge base updated, your customers will always be able to find the right answer - even if they search with the wrong keywords

Consolidating knowledge docs

Does a lot of key information live in the minds of your CS team, or fragmented across multiple platforms? Ariglad makes sure it’s all documented in the right place. 

It's easy to get started


Connect Ariglad to your existing communication and support channels


Ariglad will crawl through all of your revolved tickets, support emails/chats and knowledge base.


Ariglad starts working to respond to support queries, update and create new knowledge base articles.

Integrate into your Entire CS/CX Stack
and more...

“Ariglad is providing immense value to our team members. Whenever we get a new support ticket, the process of resolving tickets is seamless. Employee adoption exceeded expectations!”

Nicole Hopkins
Vice President
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Give customers the help they need, when they need it, with Ariglad


Ariglad in the LA Times

“It’s really just combining two things which people are really caring about. One is AI — I think everyone’s really interested in how can that actually help my day-to-day in reality and not be so abstract. And the other side is, I just hate updating my knowledge base.”

Sophie Wyne

Co-Founder & CEO, Ariglad