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Our adoption rate is up to 5x higher than industry standards

This is because we allow employees to create and manage tickets from the platform they know best: Slack
“Ariglad focuses on a seamless user experience and it's reflected in the product.”
Nicole Hopkins, Webflow

Empower employees to create tickets for HR and streamline communication

It's a lot to ask employees to log into an HR tool and navigate how to create/manage tickets. That's why we never will - employees will always be able to create and manage tickets from their Slack workspace. When HR sends messages back to the employee regarding their ticket, it shows up like a regular notification.

HR can manage tickets from Slack too

In settings you can direct tickets to specific teams or individuals based on their topic (ER, benefits, location-specific, etc.). For both employees and HR responding to cases in Slack, it looks like the image on the right.

All communication is captured and organized in Ariglad - your source of truth

As soon as an employee submits a ticket, it will show up in the HR ticket dashboard. When employees respond to HR in Slack, all communication is automatically populated and tracked within Ariglad too.

Boost adoption by letting employees stay in Slack to manage their HR communication

Allows employees to send anonymous feedback
Help prevent negative public reviews for your company by offering an internal anonymous alternative
Employees can submit HR forms on Slack
It's hard for employees to navigate complex HRIS systems to find that one form for PTO or disability leave. Upload those forms into Ariglad and they can fill them out right in Slack too - automatically creating a ticket for you to review.
Keep things simple
Training all employees to use a new tool and trying to boost engagement is hard and expensive. Don't do it this time.
Track key data
If an HR staff member leaves, you won't need to leaf through their inbox or Slack to find important conversations. It will already be tracked in Ariglad.

Ariglad is the stress-free way to scale HR teams.

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