Submitting and responding to your tickets.

Introduction to Tickets

You can submit tickets and HR can respond through the Ariglad Slack app or the Ariglad web app.

Tickets can be a question, concern, or feedback and can be submitted anonymously. When you submit a ticket, the ticket details include:

Submitting and managing tickets

In Slack

Submit tickets by going to the Ariglad app in Slack and clicking 'Submit ticket'. You will be able to choose from a dropdown the type of ticket you would like to create. Respond to tickets through the Ariglad Slack app by clicking the View Tickets button. View the ticket and respond by directly in the text box. Click View Next Ticket to continue viewing and responding to other ticket submissions you made.

On the platform

Respond to tickets through the platform by logging in through the website here, going to Tickets and clicking on the ticket you want to respond to.

Adding Relevant Dates

Relevant dates may be used to record an ongoing ticket inquiry; each date may include a description of what occurred on this date.

Adding Files to the Ticket

Files such as screenshots and form PDFs can be added to a ticket.

Employee Ticket Resolution Satisfaction

Upon resolving the ticket, you are sent a satisfaction survey on Slack or via email to answer whether the resolution was relevant to your ticket inquiry, if you were satisfied with the experience, and how it can be improved next time.