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Newsflash: it can be awkward speaking with HR about infertility benefits, mental health struggles and those weird advances from Jeff in marketing (c’mon Jeff)

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Anonymous communication for people to easily raise personal questions or concerns to HR

Ariglad is the accessible, plug and play solution of choice for HR teams that want to emphasize their focus on employee feedback, both anonymous and not.

By integrating with existing employee apps and providing a seamless employee feedback experience, we support HR to resolve every submitted case.

Ariglad integrates with Slack and anonymizes all messages sent to HR through our app. We then organize them into an HR project management portal. 

People can also use our independent message portal to add timelines, attachments and give your team whatever you need.

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Don't worry, anyone can figure it out


Slack integration

Ariglad integrates with Slack and anonymizes all messages sent to HR through our app.


Or, use our independent portal

People can use the Ariglad portal to add timelines, attachments, etc. to anonymous messages


Forget the cluttered spreadsheets

All messages sent to you will be organized in a seamless HR case management backend

Don't wait 'til problems start impacting morale or output

Problems fester if they go unaddressed. Ariglad is intended to help businesses comply with the law and best practices when it comes to complaints and providing a great experience to employees.

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Build trust in the workplace
Develop engaged employees
Show that you act on your corporate values of inclusion and transparency
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Everyone that uses Ariglad, loves us

"When I was first introduced to ariglad, I thought it was just another HR product. After I was walked through the tool, I felt like I had a partner in crime."

Trish Kennelly
Head of Experience - On Deck

"Ariglad is the CYA tool I wished I had when I was setting up my HR practices. The front end is an easy communications tool that allows employees to ask basic traceable questions from benefits, leave policy, perks, etc. through Slack/Teams/etc. and provides immediate, auto responses. These simple questions are often frequent and time-consuming, and Ariglad makes sure your employees feel acknowledged and receive a quick response. On the back end, if one of those questions escalates into a concern or investigation, it is a sophisticated case management tool to help track/monitor all aspects of a case through resolution. It is comprehensive, confidential and collaborative."

Jennifer Longnion
Jenn Longnion - former CPO/COO of Dollar Shave Club - Ariglad Sponsor

"The Ariglad Slack integration allows us to verify anonymous concerns and empowers employees ask questions however they're most comfortable."

Holly Stone
HR Manager - Tentree

"We use over 18 apps and software platforms so seamless integration with our environment was key. The Ariglad solution was in high demand as students wanted both an anonymous and named method for reporting. This software was the only one that allowed the anonymity for people to express difficult comments, questions or concerns, which gives us a great sense of the overall issues and culture."

Shari Hughson
Director, Smith School of Business, Queen's University

"This solution is very user-friendly and easy to use, which was one of the key reasons we went with Ariglad. The beauty of the tool is that we hope we never have employees raise serious concerns, but it's a relief to know that the support system is there if people need it."

Samantha Panetta
People & Culture Partner at Permutive

Let your employees reach out anonymously for the awkward stuff (trust us, there's stuff).

We’re gradually opening Ariglad - get access to the private beta and get this must-have tool before anyone else. 

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