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Prioritize employee communication for cultural excellence

The helpdesk built for People Ops teams who are part of the global movement to elevate the employee experience
We’ve helped dozens of HR teams so far - join amazing brands like these and stand out

Capture your internal communication to elevate employee happiness & appreciation

Inspire company leaders with data that offers key insights about their team's sentiment and needs
Streamline your HR communication while allowing employees to create and manage all HR tickets in Slack
Streamline day-to-day HR tasks so your team can focus on key strategic goals

HR Dedicated - Front and Center

We'll take care of organizing employee messages to HR and finding key trends so you can focus on the strategic goals that make your workplace great.

Premium design without the hassle

Instead of each HR member spending hours responding to dozens of daily employee messages, Ariglad's integration with Slack streamlines them all into a ticketing system that reduces time spent on each query

Wow your CEO with inspiring data

Take the messages HR gets everyday (eg. “I’m annoyed at how my manager is handing out promotions”) into impactful metrics (eg. “Employee complaints about growth opportunities have risen by 12% in our Taiwan office”)

Empower your team while getting recognized

HR is one of the most important parts of keeping a company growing smoothly, but HR can also be overlooked. Establish the value of HR and People Analytics by identifying key trends on what employees care about.

Bring calm to your teams mounting HR tasks.

Ariglad automatically captures employee messages across platforms. All you need to do is log into the dashboard to see your pending tasks organized for you.
•  Ticket management
•  Slack integration
•  HR SLAs
•  Anonymous feedback
•  Best-In-Class HR analytics
•  Shift management
“Ariglad is providing immense value to our team members and HRBPs. Whenever we get a new Ariglad ticket, the process of resolving tickets is seamless. Employee adoption exceeded expectations!”
- Nicole Hopkins, VP of People at Webflow

Ariglad is the world's leading solution to help you lead and scale data-driven HR teams

Auto-send resources

Employees get auto-suggested company resources based on key words they submitted in a ticket

High employee adoption

Employees get ticket updates and can reply all within Slack - you can't beat that for encouraging adoption

Become the go-to leader for data

Show leaders the key data trends that employees share with HR through their questions or concerns

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