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Let me guess: your team lives and breathes on Slack?

And sure, with Ariglad you can manage tickets completely on Slack. But it also does All-Hands Q/A and anonymous chat to help build smart HR systems and improves employee morale. Welcome to the future of work.

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How Ariglad works in Slack
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Identify, predict and address trends before they become issues

When you ask employees “How are you doing?” they say “Great!” - but what if they aren’t?
What if they need support?

Ariglad tracks how employees feel in real time, so you’ll see problems before they escalate into expensive issues.

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One-way anonymous tools leave you with problems you can't do anything about

Ariglad takes anonymous employee feedback and equips your HR team with tools to reach positive outcomes.

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Ariglad integrates with your other platforms

Ariglad SSO allows for easy sign in and integration with other communication and HR systems.

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