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Track team morale, get anonymous feedback to HR and create communication between employees and C-Suite.

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Identify, predict and address trends before they become issues

When you ask employees “How are you doing?” they say “Great!” - but what if they aren’t?
What if they need support?

Ariglad tracks how employees feel in real time, so you’ll see problems before they escalate into expensive issues.

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One-way anonymous tools leave you with problems you can't do anything about

Ariglad takes anonymous employee feedback and equips your HR team with tools to reach positive outcomes.

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Ariglad integrates with your other platforms

Ariglad SSO allows for easy sign in and integration with other communication and HR systems.

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I already answer questions during All-Hands and have a survey tool. Is Ariglad still for me?
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The Ariglad solution has two levels, one that includes All-Hands and Pulse Survey features and one that solely includes anonymous messaging and case management. Our pulse surveys are not meant to replace existing survey tools, in fact, we help you identify areas that are important to employees and helps you form relevant questions in your primary surveys.

Additionally, we expect that when you see how insightful Ariglad data is, you'll want to offer your employees the opportunity to share more through this platform.

Is my team going to be bombarded with anonymous claims?
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This is a common misconception about anonymous communication, and a valid concern. An unexpected wave of anonymous claims is very unusual, as the level of usage is often up to People Leaders and how they communicate the goals surrounding this solution.

How long does it take to onboard?
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The entire onboarding process takes approximately 45-min. As part of our onboarding package, we offer various support systems and collateral to your team in order to best introduce Ariglad and ensure it's consistently used. All customers receive ongoing Customer Success meetings to ensure continued success.

Click here to download our standard onboarding plan PDF.

What if I need to know who sent an anonymous message?
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Although we need to abide by local laws (eg. if an employee is an immediate threat to themselves or others) we never disclose an employee's identity. If someone has raised an issue that requires their identity to complete an investigation, we recommend first asking them why they do not feel safe disclosing their identity. Our chat feature allows for back-and-forth communication with employees, even when they're anonymous.

Often, these are opportunities to understand what is preventing the employee from disclosing their identity and what they believe will happen if they provide their name. By having this dialogue, you can build trust with them and chances are they'll ultimately feel safe to offer their name and work with you to resolve the challenge at hand.

Ask yourself, if the employee wasn't initially comfortable offering their name, would they have ever come forward without the ability to do so anonymously?

How safe is my data?
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The entire Ariglad system has an encrypted algorithm and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Penetration tests are conducted yearly and are available when requested. Ariglad will be SOC2 compliant in the Summer of 2021, which is the top tier security stature of SaaS tech.

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