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The only helpdesk made for HR

Automize workflows surrounding employee communication and tasks to save time and centralize data
We’ve helped dozens of HR teams so far - join amazing brands like these and stand out

Up to 80% of People Ops time is spent on employee communication

A large portion of this time is focused around repetitive questions or due to broken processses

Common problems we see People Ops teams face

Too much time spent 'in the weeds' of repetitive employee issues and not on strategic initiatives
Too many tools that cause inefficiencies, prevents visibility and wastes resources
No real-time data around employee communication trends & SLAs tracking internal productivity

Empower your HR team to excel & scale

People Ops teams need the tools necessary to streamline repetitive tasks and automate processes. By saving time, your team can focus on strategic initiatives that will help your whole organization excel.

The must have HR toolbox for a scaling team

Auto-assign tickets to ensure a quick resolution

Because we integrate with your HRIS, Ariglad automatically assigns tickets based on topic, department and location.

Auto-create emails and Slacks into a ticket que

Employees want to access their HR teams on Slack and email - so we let them! Automatically turn questions into tickets.

View trends and SLA metrics

Ariglad offers your team with analytics and updates regarding what employees care about and how quickly tickets are being solved.
“Ariglad is providing immense value to our team members and HRBPs. Whenever we get a new Ariglad ticket, the process of resolving tickets is seamless. Employee adoption exceeded expectations!”
- Nicole Hopkins, VP of People at Webflow

Ariglad is the world's leading solution to help you lead and scale data-driven HR teams

Auto-send resources

Employees get auto-suggested company resources based on key words they submitted in a ticket

High employee adoption

Employees get ticket updates and can reply all within Slack - you can't beat that for encouraging adoption

Become the go-to leader for data

Show leaders the key data trends that employees share with HR through their questions or concerns

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