Increase your employees' happiness to create engaged teams

Anonymous HR case management that takes the heavily lifting out of your day-to-day

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Employees are struggling in silence & HR is paying the price

26% of employees dread going to work

Identifying workplace concerns is very difficult because many employees worry they will lose their jobs or are too nervous to speak directly to HR.

85% of people are unhappy in their jobs

Because employees don't speak out about problems, HR can't identify and resolve underlying workplace issues. 

Lawsuits, poor productivity, low retention

By not knowing what's going on in their workplace culture, HR can't take the necessary steps to help.

Unhappy employees are 20% less productive

Unhappy employees are significantly less productive than their happy counterparts. Unaddressed, this can have a serious consequence on profits.

If an employee quits, it costs 3x their annual salary to replace 

Retaining employees is hugely important when looking the huge cost in replacing them.

A bruised corporate image can cost millions

It doesn't take much to hurt the reputation of a company. A bad Glassdoor review or tweet can not only repel talent, but customers too.

How is this impacting your bottom line?


To solve this, Ariglad connects you with employees when they need you most

Never leave Slack (or Teams)

If an employee has a problem or question for HR, they can easily submit an anonymous case through Slack.

HR is notified immediately and will be able to communicate with the employee in real-time, either through Slack or the Ariglad portal.

Support made easy

All submitted cases are organized in the Ariglad portal. HR can create cases on behalf of employees to keep everything in one place. Tag internal teams in a case to receive additional support or ask to be connected to an external expert in DEI, HR, etc.


Holly Stone

HR Manager at Tentree

"The ariglad Slack integration allows us to verify anonymous concerns and empowers employees to raise concerns however they're most comfortable."

Trish Kennelly

Head of Experience at On Deck

"When I was first introduced to ariglad, I thought it was just another HR product. After I was walked through the tool, I felt like I had a partner in crime."

Watch Permutive's Case Study Here:

The name Ariglad comes from the Danish word arbejdsglæde, which means 'happy at work'

Pronounced similar to 'are you glad?'

This video explains more about arbejdsglæde

A bee is our logo to represent a thriving hive with busy bees working together

'ari' means bee in Turkish, ergo, Ariglad literally means 'be glad'

Sophie Wyne (Co-Founder & CEO) is Danish

Ali Avci (Co-Founder & CTO) is Turkish


We're making the lives of HR easier while improving employee happiness

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