Can you show a detailed report to C-Suite of quarterly trends of
key risks based on people messages to HR? You can now.

Ticketing for modern HR (yeah we know you use Slack)

Instead of getting hundreds of DMs from employees scattered across Slack, Email, etc. simply direct them to Ariglad's ticket integration on Slack and to your general HR email. All submissions automatically populate in your ticket dashboard.

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Auto-send resources

Ariglad connects to your own resource library so people get auto-suggested resources when they submit a ticket

All forms in one place

Allow employees to view and access all HR forms in Slack, from PTO to onboarding. Easy huh?

Anonymous chat

Tired of Glassdoor or Blind complaints? Ariglad lets people chat with you anonymously, so you have your own internal Blind.

Ticket management

Ariglad helps resolve escalated tickets by collaborating across departments. Or, simply reply to a ticket and close it out.

The world's first AI analytics that makes HR stand out

With each person on the HR team replying to numerous employee messages a day, it can be hard to quantify to executives what HR is spending so much of this time doing. Why not feed all of those messages into a map that shows company trends and how HR is actively solving them?

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View top trends

The only dashboard that can turn employee messages into vital data that makes HR stand out

Data driven strategy

See trends emerging so your
team can take proactive steps.

Export beautiful graphs & reports

Stunning visuals is what get's attention, why not pair that with incredible data?


When employees submit a
complaint, we suggest prompting them to offer their own solution.

Manage all your employee feedback in one place

Whether it's gathering employee responses during an All-Hands or sending pulse surveys in Slack, Ariglad offers renowned solutions for your team to thrive.

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Pulse surveys

Managers can send surveys
to their team and view data

Field meeting questions

Gey questions in an All-Hands
but want to answer in private?

Don't lose data when managers leave

Update new managers fast and
save timeonboarding

All data feeds into one dashboard

AMA questions or surveys; it all gives HR more insight