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Employee adoption is up to 5x higher with Ariglad, in part thanks to our integrations

Connect Ariglad with your Slack platform to streamline DMs and organize important data.

When our team researched what employees want in new workplace tools, the overwhelming response was that they want to stay in the few platforms they already know and understand (eg. email and Slack).

This phenomenon has became even stronger after employees started working from home more, as they suddenly have even more applications at their disposal to help with engagement and productivity.


Connect Ariglad with your Slack platform to streamline DMs and organize important data.

Learn more about our Slack integration here.

Microsoft Teams

If your team wants to integrate Ariglad into Microsoft Teams, our customized API can make that happen. Contact us with any questions about this integration here or book a demo with us to learn more.


Workday holds a huge amount of data that relates to your workforce, which is great because Ariglad can use that information to pair it with the data in Ariglad and give your team an even more workforce insights. Here are some of the ways a Workday integration can improve your experience:

1. When working on an employee's ticket, click the workday tab to see information like how long they've been with your company

2. See eye-opening trends such as if new employees are more likely to send complaints about your diversity policies or be confused about the dental benefits package

Great brands choose Ariglad to scale HR teams

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"We use over 18 apps so seamless integration with our environment was key. Ariglad was able to accomplish this while providing a great sense of what is really going on in our organization."
- Shari Hughson, Director at Queens'

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