Effortlessly manage customer service requests with Ariglad

Transform the way you manage support requests with Ariglad - a cutting edge ticketing system that puts data-driven insights at your fingertips. From customized SLA metrics to shift management, seamless integrations, and beyond, our comprehensive customer service software streamlines your support processes and enhances the customer experience.

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The must have customer service software for a teams of any size

World-class ticketing
Auto-assign tickets to ensure a quicker resolution

Ariglad automatically assigns tickets based on topic, department and location.

Stay in Slack/email
Don't leave the comfort of Slack or Email

Support your clients via Slack? Perfect! Ariglad enables you to take care of your clients directly from there. Better yet, manage support queries directly from your email inbox.

Beautiful analytics
View trends and SLA metrics

Ariglad makes it a breeze to grasp your customer service and sales data. Our reporting serves up quick access to valuable customer insights, making your business smarter – no need for a math degree!

Our customers are saving 30-40% of their time with Ariglad

Ariglad lets you keep all customer communication in one place and maintain a single source of truth for all things customer service. Empower your success team to shift their focus from administrative tasks to meaningful long-term initiatives.

Teams of all sizes choose Ariglad

HR managers at some of the biggest brands use Ariglad to improve their onboarding process, resource management, and employee engagement.

Nicole Hopkins
Vice President of People @ Webflow

“Ariglad is providing immense value to our team. Whenever we get a new Ariglad ticket, the process of resolving tickets is seamless. Adoption exceeded expectations!”

Charles Schnitzer
Operations Coordinator @ Verana Health

"Ariglad really caters to our needs, my needs, and it's also always iterating and getting better. So, I just feel like it made more sense for our team, for our company, and its size as well."

Let Ariglad take care of everything support-related

No matter your company size and industry, Ariglad helps you centralize your customer service processes and data to tie everything together in a single platform.

Capture anonymous employee feedback, track customer service trends and your support team’s performance metrics, minimize the time spent on addressing basic queries, streamline cross-team collaboration, and empower your team to do more—all with Ariglad.

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