Top Advantages of Incorporating AI into Your Help Desk System

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January 23, 2024
Top Advantages of Incorporating AI into Your Help Desk System

Generative AI help desks such as Ariglad enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and team efficiency. Ariglad assimilates support knowledge, comprehends intricate queries, and produces pertinent responses. Most importantly, Ariglad doesn’t hallucinate.


AI help desks play a key role in boosting customer satisfaction, productivity, and the efficiency of support teams. In this article, we'll explore the definition of an AI help desk, its advantages, and crucial considerations for selecting one.

Understanding Help Desk Software

Help desk software is a vital tool for large corporations' customer service departments. Its main purpose is to aid customers in resolving their issues.

When customers face any problems, they reach out to your customer service team. The help desk solution assists the customer service team in tracking and resolving these issues.

This software logs and monitors each problem, providing details like assigned personnel and resolution status. Additionally, help desk software may offer self-service options. For instance, customers can search through a support knowledge base to find solutions to their problems.

Moreover, modern help desk software can incorporate AI chatbots. These chatbots engage in human-like conversations with employees. The latest generation of chatbots utilizes generative AI, making them more effective than their predecessors with older technology.

Understanding Generative AI

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence where computers create their own content, including text, images, and movies.

In text generative AI, we use Large Language Models (LLMs) trained with vast amounts of internet data.

Key Functions of Large Language Models (LLMs):

  • Learning Context and Purpose: LLMs enable machines to grasp the context and intention behind a human's question. Rather than just analyzing individual words, they understand the meaning and even the sentiment behind the inquiry.
  • Mimicking Human Language: LLMs empower machines to produce responses that resemble human language. This capability enhances communication between machines and humans, making interactions more natural and effective.

Popular Examples of LLMs include GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 from OpenAI, Claude from Anthropic, and Llama 2 from Meta.

Language Models (LLMs) play a vital role in revolutionizing machine-human interaction.

LLMs typically collaborate with chatbots like ChatGPT, following this process:

  • Users input a question or statement into the chatbot.
  • The chatbot shares both the question and the entire conversation context with the LLM.
  • The LLM generates a response.

How a Generative AI Help Desk Operates

A Generative AI Help Desk functions by initially training the chatbot on your company's customer service tools. This includes providing information about all the CX/CS apps, devices, and software utilized in your organization.

The help desk chatbot seamlessly connects to various support channels like email, and Slack to efficiently handle and respond to customer queries.

Integration with your ticketing system or existing help desk setup is vital. In case the chatbot encounters a problem beyond its capabilities, it creates a ticket. This alert notifies your IT team, prompting them to address any pressing issues that remain unresolved.

Generative AI Help Desk Benefits:

  • Always Available: An AI help desk offers 24/7 support, unlike human customer service teams.
  • Swift Responses: Responds quickly to customer queries, reducing wait times and enhancing efficiency.
  • Faster Resolution: Quick response times often lead to a faster resolution.
  • Multilingual Support: Understands multiple languages, facilitating global communication for customer support teams worldwide.
  • No FAQ Maintenance: No need to manage a list of frequently asked questions; just upload your knowledge base, and the AI takes care of the rest.
  • Empathy: Recognizes customer frustration and responds with empathy, creating a positive support experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use software allows customers to ask questions without training, making the AI accessible to everyone.
  • Increased Satisfaction: Efficient and user-friendly AI contributes to higher levels of customer satisfaction with support services.
  • Natural Conversational Style: Mimics natural conversation for efficient interactions between customer and the system.
  • IT Team Focus: By handling routine queries, the AI help desk allows the customer service team to concentrate on more complex and strategic challenges.

Key Criteria for AI Help Desk Selection:

  • No Hallucination: Ensure the AI help desk avoids generating misleading information, preventing hallucinations. Ariglad excels in detecting and suppressing hallucinations.
  • Knowledge Gathering: Ensure that your AI-powered support desk can gather information from various sources, including your support knowledge base, resolved customer service tickets, and vendor knowledge bases.
  • Data Security: Confirm the AI-powered help desk's commitment to securing proprietary knowledge and safeguarding sensitive information. Look for SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, the standard in the SaaS industry.
  • Automatic Knowledge Updates: The AI help desk's knowledge base should receive automatic updates to stay current with frequent customer service changes.
  • Feedback & Improvement: Check if the generative AI help desk allows employees and administrators to provide feedback, ensuring continuous improvement in responses.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Ensure seamless integration with your current CS/CX stack.


The right generative AI can enhance your customer service team's efficiency, providing quick responses and improving customer satisfaction. Ensure that your help desk AI can be trained on relevant customer service knowledge, maintains security, integrates easily with existing systems, and avoids providing inaccurate information.

Ariglad stands out as a leading non-hallucinating generative AI solution, making it the ideal choice for an AI help desk.

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