Eliminating Obstacles: The Power of HR Technology

March 24, 2023
Eliminating Obstacles: The Power of HR Technology

HR teams can be a game-changer for businesses. According to a recent report from HR advisory firm McLean & Company, companies with HR teams that are strategic partners with the C-suite are 50% more likely to be highly effective at capitalizing on new opportunities. But unfortunately, many HR teams get bogged down with administrative tasks and don't have enough time to focus on strategy.

That's where HR tech comes in. As Erika Duncan, cofounder of HR consultancy People on Point, puts it: 'When the right HR tech stack is well utilized, it's a game changer.' With HR tech, you can gain valuable insights, stay on top of trends, and make data-driven decisions - all while freeing up your team's time to focus on bigger-picture initiatives and business objectives. So if you're looking to supercharge your HR team, investing in the right tech might be just the thing you need. Check out these four ways HR tech can help you work more efficiently.

  1. Will reduce manual work

Let's face it - HR departments can sometimes feel like they're drowning in paperwork and administrative tasks. But guess what? The right HR tech can be a lifesaver! As Erika Duncan, cofounder of HR consultancy People on Point, puts it: 'The typical HR department still struggles with the bottlenecks of data entry, duplication of efforts, and manual - sometimes paper - processes. But the right HR tech (which includes both cloud-based HR software and mobile apps) can automate those processes and digitize that paperwork, freeing up HR's time and energy to focus on more important work.'

And it's not just about saving time - investing in the right HR tech can also have a big impact on your organization's overall strategy. According to a report from HR advisory firm McLean & Company, companies that undergo digital transformation are 1.2 times more likely to have HR teams that are partners in planning and executing strategy for their organizations. That means HR teams can take an active role in guiding strategy within their organization, whether that's attracting top talent, increasing employee engagement, or improving performance.

As Phil Lotter, CEO and founder of strategy consultancy Piilo Group, points out: 'Through HR [tech]...you can focus on talent management to recruit and build the right skills, manage performance to improve productivity, [and] reduce non-performance through performance improvement plans. You can also drive high levels of employee engagement through social HR functionality to improve employee morale.' So if you're looking to take your HR team to the next level, investing in the right HR tech could be the key to success.

  1. Analytics in HR lead to better decision making

Let's be real - sifting through mountains of HR data can be a total nightmare. It's time-consuming, tedious, and let's face it, humans aren't always great at getting it right. That's where HR tech comes in! With the right tools, you can get a high-level overview of all your critical HR analytics and metrics, which can help you make smarter, data-driven decisions. And who doesn't want that?

But it's not just about saving time and reducing errors. Investing in HR tech can also help you gain a deeper understanding of your employees and your organization as a whole. That means you can better hit your goals, address any human capital management-related issues, and ultimately drive success.

One particularly exciting aspect of HR tech is AI-powered insights. With AI, you can uncover employee sentiment from engagement surveys and performance review comments - without having to read through every single response yourself. Talk about a game-changer!

Let's face it - when it comes to making decisions about people, there's often limited data to go on. We might rely on past experiences, gut feelings, or just our own judgment. But what if there was a better way? According to Janet Clarey, principal director of HR research and advisory services at McLean & Company, 'When it comes to people, many important decisions are made with limited data, relying on past experiences, judgment, or causal inference.'

hr tech

That's where data analysis comes in. By gathering and analyzing data about your employees and your organization, you can make more informed decisions that are based on hard data points - not just personal opinions or biases. This can help create a more fair, equitable workplace, which is crucial in today's world.

After all, personal biases can be a real problem if access to data is limited. By using HR tech to gather and analyze data, you can ensure that people-related decisions are based on concrete information, not just guesswork or assumptions. And that can make a huge difference in the success of your organization and the well-being of your employees.

  1. It helps safeguard information

You know what's unique about HR? It's responsible for managing some pretty sensitive stuff - like personally identifiable information and other confidential employee data. And let's face it, if that information gets lost or exposed, it can spell big trouble for your company. Compliance issues, security breaches, you name it.

That's why it's so important to protect your employees' sensitive information, just like you would protect your customers' data. As Phil Lotter, CEO and founder of strategy consultancy Piilo Group, puts it: 'With employee files and information floating around the business, you are opening your business up to liability.'

Thankfully, HR technology can be a real lifesaver when it comes to data protection. By automatically backing up key data and information, you can prevent it from getting lost or destroyed - whether it's due to a computer crash, an employee leaving the company, or a team restructuring.

But that's not all. With secure HR tech, you can also control who has access to sensitive data - which means you can prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. As Lotter explains: 'Through user authorizations, technology enables you to give employees access to the information they require' - without potentially exposing sensitive information in the process.

So if you're looking to keep your business secure, data protection should be top of mind. As Janet Clarey, principal director of HR research and advisory services at McLean & Company, says: 'Data protection is foundational to the security of all businesses, particularly those with highly sensitive, highly critical, and highly valuable data.' 

  1. Software helps with burnout

Wow, have you seen the latest survey from Workvivo? Apparently, a whopping 98% of HR professionals have reported feeling burned out at work in the last six months. That's a crazy high number! And it's not just a minor inconvenience - burnout can seriously impact your physical and mental health, as well as your overall well-being.

But here's the real kicker: because of all this burnout, a lot of HR professionals are considering leaving their jobs. In fact, a full 78% of them say they're open to jumping ship. Yikes!

The thing is, losing key HR team members can have a major impact on your organization's health - everything from employee experience to learning and development programs to employee wellness initiatives. That's why it's so important to do everything you can to keep your top performers with the company.

One solution? Investing in HR tech. With the right tools in place, work can feel more manageable, burnout can be kept at bay, and HR professionals can stay committed to their roles. So if you're looking to keep your team happy, healthy, and engaged, it might be time to explore your HR tech options.

Selecting the appropriate software is crucial in enabling HR technology to eliminate obstacles and facilitate optimal performance from your HR team.

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