How the Ariglad help desk helps HR focus on strategic initiatives, compared to ServiceNow

November 21, 2022
How the Ariglad help desk helps HR focus on strategic initiatives, compared to ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a great SaaS platform for IT service management (ITSM) and IT support. But it’s not exactly the best tool for fast-paced enterprise HR teams and lacks the features they need to streamline HR ticketing and workflow automation.

Discover Ariglad, a user-friendly HR service desk with all the functionalities you need to centralize and simplify your HR workflows, at less than half the pricing of ServiceNow.

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Ariglad is the best ServiceNow alternative

IT teams appreciate dedicated ITSM solutions like ServiceNow, Freshservice, SysAid, ManageEngine, Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk, and SolarWinds Service Desk.

These tools boast a variety of useful functionalities for smooth IT operations — such as IT help desk, IT asset management, incident management, easy escalation, self-service portal, customizable visualization dashboards, on-premises and cloud-based service delivery, etc.

However, they all fall short when it comes to no-code HR process automation. That’s where a complete HR help desk software and ticketing system like Ariglad comes in.

Here’s a quick overview of how Ariglad compares to ServiceNow (and at more pocket-friendly pricing).

Ariglad ServiceNow
Automated ticketing ✔️
Knowledge-base capabilities ✔️
Anonymous feedback ✔️
Ability to view trends and SLA metrics in real-time ✔️
Automated approvals on staff requests ✔️
Welcoming for employees ✔️

Automated ticketing

While ServiceNow offers basic automation capabilities, it’s not an intuitive tool to work with, especially for not-so-tech-savvy users.

Built for growing HR teams, Ariglad enables employees to create support requests for the HR team from their preferred communication app (such as Slack or Microsoft Teams). Tickets are then automatically created and assigned to the right HR team members, who can easily create action items for their colleagues, both internal and external to their department.

Knowledge-base capabilities

ServiceNow offers knowledge management capability to standardize internal documentation and enable employee self-service. But the clunky user interface doesn’t help your teams’ productivity.

Ariglad integrates with your internal knowledge-base and identifies keywords in employee tickets to automatically send relevant resources (articles, videos, etc.) for instant self-service. Your HR team can set up auto-responses to employee FAQs, thus saving time spent on tedious communication and pivoting focus on important initiatives (such as hybrid work, DEI, etc.).

Anonymous feedback

Employee feedback helps HR managers stay on top of employee sentiments, concerns, and expectations. But often, employees hesitate to open up about bad workplace experiences due to fear of repercussions.

Allowing employees to share feedback anonymously enables them to speak their minds candidly and helps your HR team establish a safe workplace where opinions are valued. Unlike ServiceNow, Ariglad lets employees report anonymously so HR managers can create strategies to minimize attrition and improve engagement.

Ability to view trends and SLA metrics in real-time

Without centralized data on employee sentiment trends and their team’s SLA metrics, your HR leaders will remain reactive instead of proactive in ensuring optimal employee satisfaction levels.

ServiceNow’s real-time performance analytics feature is excellent, but the platform’s poor user experience takes away its utility. With Ariglad, your HR leaders can easily see employee communication trends and their team’s productivity metrics such as resolution times, response times, and other important SLA metrics to identify improvement opportunities for scaling the team’s performance.

Automated approvals on staff requests

Your HR team is constantly dealing with new tickets around routine requests such as questions about staffing and employee benefits. For employees, it's not intuitive to navigate complex HRIS systems like ServiceNow to find that one form for a staffing request or paid time off.

Ariglad allows you to upload those forms so employees can easily fill and submit them right inside Slack, which then automatically creates a ticket for the HR team’s review. This helps automate the entire approval process for frequent staff requests.

Welcoming for employees

Employees love Slack (or Microsoft Teams) — it’s the platform they use daily and know best. It makes sense, then, to keep things simple and let employees create HR tickets from their Slack workspace itself.

With Ariglad’s help desk software, employees can create HR tickets with Slack messages and get quick answers to their concerns. When your HR team responds to an employee regarding their ticket, it shows up like a regular notification. Ariglad’s smooth user interface makes it easy for new team members to get up to speed.

HR Teams trust Ariglad as their HR toolbox

People ops at some of the biggest organizations worldwide use Ariglad’s service desk to save HR time spent on repetitive tasks and centralize data.

Choose Ariglad for streamlined human resources

With functionalities like anonymous feedback, internal knowledge base integration, auto-responses, SLAs, workflow automation, and pulse surveys, Ariglad serves as the all-in-one HR toolkit to streamline your people ops.

Empower your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives that make a difference, with Ariglad.

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