The 7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives for 2023

December 12, 2022
The 7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives for 2023

Choosing the Right Help Desk Software

Help desk software tools help customer-facing departments of a business improve the overall customer experience. These tools are the medium between a consumer and a brand and help the former get the most out of the products and services provided by the latter.

Also known as customer support tools, they help gather feedback, manage support tickets, answer consumers’ questions, and develop a complete end-to-end workflow to improve customer relationships.

The above functionalities of these tools also allow human resources teams to deliver a great employee experience.

One such tool is Freshdesk (by Freshworks) which is considered a leader among customer support help desk solutions. However, teams with limited requirements and budgets might find challenging to manage.

In this article, you’ll find the seven best Freshdesk alternatives that will fit right into your workflow, helping you better support customers and employees alike.

The 7 Best Freshdesk Alternatives for 2023

We chose the following Freshdesk alternatives based on how easy they are to use and how effectively they can help your HR team to deliver a great employee experience.

1. Ariglad


Ariglad is an HR help desk software and ticket management tool that helps companies give their employees a great experience. This app analyzes employee sentiment, helps resolve their queries quickly through an advanced ticketing system, and allows you to collect anonymous feedback, among other features.

You can connect it to your internal knowledge base which will automatically answer the common employee questions and concerns in real-time, thus saving your HR managers time and effort. Ariglad integrates with well-known communication tools such as Slack and MS Teams to make its adoption easier.

Ariglad’s friendly pricing plans make it an easy choice as an HR service desk solution that empowers your team members by enabling self-service. Furthermore, a dedicated manager from their team will help you every step of the way to get it up and running.

2. Zendesk


Zendesk is a widely adopted customer service software which has helped companies from various industries improve customer satisfaction. Your team members can use this omnichannel customer support software to answer the queries of your audience in real-time.

You can build knowledge bases, streamline your customer support workflow, and drive customer communication through chatbots for efficiency. Zendesk’s service desk works great with its sales CRM, which improves alignment between the two departments.

Zendesk integrates with other marketing and team collaboration tools, which makes its adoption easier. It comes with a lot of support docs and videos that will help you get started in no time. However, it can get expensive if you plan to have multiple live agents on your service team. So, consider checking out these Zendesk alternatives too.

3. Salesforce Service Cloud


Salesforce Service Cloud offers an all-in-one service desk solution that you can use to serve both your customers and employees. This Freshdesk alternative helps you leverage AI-based automation to build end-to-end support workflows and boost agent productivity.

For serving customers, Salesforce’s solution equips you with chatbots, a multi-channel support and messaging platform, and a knowledge base while helping live agents to manage customer conversations at their will.

HR teams can look forward to helping their team members with their grievances and queries through automated ticket management and bots that enhance the self-service capabilities. This will relieve the support agents of trivial tasks so they can focus on improving the team culture.

This alternative to Freshdesk seamlessly works with Salesforce’s CRM solution, aligning the efforts of customer support, sales, and HR teams.

4. Zoho Desk


Zoho Desk is one of the top-rated help desk software whose functionalities go beyond just answering customers’ questions when they are stuck. One of the crucial features of this app is its intuitive dashboard where you can track how your support workflow is performing.

This Freshdesk alternative offers an AI-powered assistant that analyzes how happy your users are based on past customer interactions. Your support team can stay and get accurate reports on how satisfied your customers and employees are.

Zoho Desk also offers chatbots, omnichannel messaging capabilities, and knowledge base functionalities to facilitate self-service at all levels. Although, the available pricing plans could be a bit too much for growing companies with limited resources.

5. Help Scout


Help Scout is a service tool with friendly pricing that improves your support team’s efficiency through a shared inbox, collaborative knowledge base solution, and instant messaging solution. Its ticketing solution also automatically assigns queries to free agents for faster resolution.

This alternative to Freshdesk allows live agents of the HR team to collaborate together to deliver a faster solution to a consumer or an employee’s problem, which is great for small businesses and large enterprises as it improves response time.

Help Scout is an easy-to-use tool and comes with lots of integrations that enables you to hit the ground running within minutes.

6. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is a simple customer service solution that allows you to interact with your customers through omnichannel messaging and comes with a basic but impactful ticketing solution. As the make of this Freshdesk alternative suggests, your team can talk with your users in real-time.

Its advanced functionalities such as an audit log, automated ticket distribution, and canned responses help you save time and effort while serving multiple customers. LiveAgent also comes with lots of email templates that help you auto-resolve trivial issues.

Apart from an affordable pricing plan, this service app is suitable for everyone from freelancers to large enterprises, and comes with various integrations to make your workflow smooth. LiveAgent also offers migration support to shift your support system with ease. 

7. HubSpot Service Hub


Popularly known for its CRM solution, HubSpot’s customer and employee support app has all the functionalities you will ever need. The HubSpot Service Hub lets you create unlimited bots, build a customized ticket management workflow, and maintain a knowledge base with a customer portal to facilitate self-service for both customers and employees.

This alternative to Freshdesk enables you to reach your customers in real-time via omnichannel messaging and VoIP calling instantly. Simultaneously, HubSpot will show you all the employee and customer data so that you can accurately solve their problem quickly.

HubSpot Service Hub also offers a self-service portal where your customers have the freedom of exploring your product or service as they want. However, it can be too hard on your wallet particularly if you are serving a lot of customers.

Ariglad is the Best All-in-one Help Desk Software

Help desk software enables you to solve problems and listen to the grievances of your customers and employees to deliver them a great experience. Freshdesk is one of the leading SaaS tools in this category, but startups with limited requirements might find it too complex and pricey.

Ariglad is the best all-in-one service desk support software for companies to ensure their most valuable resource, the employees, have a great experience. With this tool, you can collect employee feedback anonymously, monitor their performance to map their sentiment, resolve their issues, and answer their queries through an automated ticketing system.

With a customized pricing plan for every budget, Ariglad will fit seamlessly into your HR workflow through various integrations, so your HR team can immediately start focusing on strategic long-term initiatives instead of tedious day-to-day tasks.

Book a demo today to learn how Ariglad will help you deliver a world-class employee experience.

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